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Today, customers are smarter, more impatient and quick enough in making decisions. One such example is their preference of a live chat support over other support channels.

Now, the question is Ė Why do customers prefer online chat services over email and phone?

Well, in order to find an answer to this question, youíll have to read on.

Live chat is faster than email:††

Live chat provides immediate contact with a company in a way that an emailing customer service cannot provide. The immediate feedback keeps the customer from leaving the site due to frustration resulting from late responses.†With live chat, there is no waiting for someone to respond to your email.†Once you engage in live chat conversations, you get responses within seconds. Also, your problem is solved within a single conversation.

Provides a higher level of comfort:

There are a lot of†customers who just donít like to talk on the phone. They would do anything possible to avoid picking up the phone and speaking to a live person. Live chat gives them the option to get real-time help without hesitation. Moreover, live chat avoids the potentially embarrassing situation where either partyís accent is almost impossible to understand over the phone.

Customers can multitask as there is less pressure:†

Live chat enables the customer to continue doing whatever they are doing besides receiving personal customer service. The conversation is entirely oriented around the customerís requirements and queries. Once your queries are resolved, there is no further obligation to continue the conversation.

Live chats are more knowledgeable:†

You are free to ask whatever you may want to know. The nature of the medium means that the answers you get will be precise and easily understandable. You can scroll back through the whole chat and even have the full chat transcript emailed to you once you have closed the chat window.

Live chat is free of cost:†

There is no additional charge for utilizing this feature. Often when you want an instant response, you have to ring a company and so often the number they provide is a number that will charge. However, an online chat support is totally free of cost.

Itís easy to recall information:

Customers can scroll back through the chat session to recall information that was mentioned before as and when required. They donít have to ask the agent over and over again!

Now that youíve known why a chat support is a big deal for any business, do you still have a confusion about extending one to your target audience (in case youíve not yet started leveraging it)?

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by: Surabhi Joshi

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