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Eco Molding Co Ltd offers professional plastic injection molding products

China; 29, October 2015: Plastic is emerging as the most essential item for manufacturing industrial and household appliances. But very few firms possess the technique of plastic injection molding in order to manufacture these appliances. Eco Molding Co Ltd is one such firm which is specialized in offering plastic injection molding service. It provides this service to various sectors like household, automobile, electronic, and manufacturing besides other industrial units. Its mold shop is well equipped with modern machines like Mirror EDM machine for ensuring that the molds are manufactured in high precision and good finish. It mainly focuses on providing one stop service for small and medium size company around the world. Along with that, it also customizes injection molds for clients if they want to produce parts in house or in their country.

In order to improve the production efficiency of injection mold and to save time and costs, the mold manufacturers of this company utilize the latest technology and new materials. These mold making processes are clearly mentioned in the website of the company for the convenience of the customers. Customers in need of additional information can contact the company via email. It mainly manufactures appliances like valve housing, spoon, bottle carrier, GPS covers and many more within short period of time. Through its site it also provides much useful information on plastic molding injection to the users. This China mold maker also manufactures many appliances for automobile industry as well which mainly includes decoration striper, parts of track door, arc holder, handle cover and many more.

The website of the firm effectively protects the privacy of the users and never shares their information with any unauthorized source. Unlike other companies, its sales manager shall ensure that the client derives maximum satisfaction on its overall professional service via more efficient communication. It provides free quotes on cost estimation in order to reduce the financial burden of the client at the time of order delivery. The company overall has 30 sets of injection molding machines which are supervised by its special group of workers. For plastic molding, it mainly uses popular types of steels like S 136, P 20, H 13 and so on.

For product shipping, it mainly relies on the services of its special agent in Hong Kong. The shipping charge is mainly based on delivery destination and the product is normally delivered within four days. It mainly accepts payment through secured means of online transactions like PayPal. The company also runs samples or pilot for the mold if necessary for the customers. Users can also subscribe its newsletters to stay updated on its latest products and services.

About Ecomolding

Eco Molding is specialized in manufacturing different appliances using the technique of plastic injection molding. All the products are manufactured in its own workshops. For more information, viewers can log on to its website.

For Media Contact:
Company: Eco Molding Co., Limited
Address: Buliding A, Fengzhen industrial Park,ShiYan town, Bao’an district,
City, State, Country: NYC, NY, USA
Phone: 0086-(0)755 3318 3226
Fax: 0086-(0)755 2975 2893

by: Robert Key

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