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Enjoy Translating with Trados Studio

A common question for many translators is: is it worth it to use translation software or not? Before you decide whether trados is an advantage for an agency or not you should become familiar with the advantages it offers. Those who use trados studio are highly satisfied with it.

What does this innovative technology do? Is it as efficient as you have heard or not? To begin with, when it comes to cat tools trados is definitely one of the most popular option among translation agencies. This software is user friendly and it enables the translator to see immediately which parts of the text are to be translated. Therefore, he is able to focus on the essential. Translating a text in electronic format is quite difficult; every time you translate a text you have to delete the translated source text. Another option is to work with two texts side by side or open the original text and then return to the translated text. This is quite frustrating and it leads to mistakes, increasing the risk of skipping words or sentences.

When you have to work with a translation in the form of a hard copy things are even worse. If the translator does not know how to convert the text into electronic format the only option is to shift the focus between the paper and the screen. This is another undesirable situation that will also slow down the translation process. With trados this is no longer an issue to worry about because both text are located in the same screen area and marked with different colors. As you translate, the program saves both texts in the translation memory.

We should also mention that trados studio can also suggest translations for identical segments. When you use this software it is very clear what you must translate and the text fragments that remain unchanged are transferred accurately and directly. You can save lots of time due to repeating expressions and most cat tools enable translators to work with various formats without modifying them. Also, with the help of this software you can create retrievable terminology cards and glossaries. It becomes a lot easier for the translator to create a terminology database.

Although most of the cat tools available on the market are similar, it is the job of the translator to identify a tool that is best suited to cater to his needs. For example, those who work exclusively with word format will choose Wordfast Classic while those who work with different and special texts prefer trados studio. It is best to hire a translation agency that is very familiar with these cat tools.

Resource box: If you require a trados translation you have come to the right place. We work with trados studio and offer high quality translation services.

by: Gina Malot

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