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Equipco Bunded Diesel transport fuel tanks use on Mine sites

Equipco meets the need with compliant diesel ute/truck tanks market with the release of Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks. Further information can be found at and Equipco today reflected on its release of Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks 2 years ago ago, which was in development for 1-2 years . The main aim was always to offering its unique 3 size range to enable contractors to be compliant when using diesel storage on green or site sensitive environmental situations ... and easily meet strict environmental guidelines. The Equipco self bunded diesel storage tanks design suits fitting on utes,service vehicles or small truck trays with a difference. Nathan Pask, Equipment Sales Manager at Equipco , says: "Everyone wanted to try something new with Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks. Anyone familiar with the Compliant diesel ute/truck tanks market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to use plastic tanks and say they meet the standards when they clearly don't . Many felt this was a problem because if there is an incident where contractors or users are found offending they could void their public liability insurance ." So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks instead meet compliance for use on construction and mine sites . Equipco chose to make this move because customers require compliant safe equipment that meets all regulations . Nathan Pask also said " Wanting to give customers satisfaction knowing they meet applicable regulations and certifications required . With Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks, they have a fresh new possibilities. Knowing they feel safe , they are meeting their contractual obligations when using Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks. Equipco has been in business for over 22 years , being established in 1993 . Since Day one it has always aimed to provide compliant safe solutions while offering a cost effective durable product that is user friendly . Mine-Go Bunded diesel fuel tanks are now available at Equipco Direct or through a range of authorised resellers . To find out more, it's possible to visit []( For further information about Equipco , all this can be discovered at Nathan Pask Equipco http://Equipco Pty Ltd 24 Tate Drive Kerang Vic 3579 Kerang Australia

by: Nathan Pask Equipco

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