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Evulo the New Platform for Corporate Communications

Hamburg, Hamburg (postafreepressrelease) February 9, 2018 - Innovative platform "Evulo" is the answer to the development of the market. It enables direct contact with consumers using the latest technology. Consisting of three components - a database for consumers and service providers that can analyse metadata, a web-based tool in which content can be placed, surveys started and multimedia content offered, and a consumer application for iPhone and Android devices, it covers all digital processes.

"The Evulo software is independent, fair, programmed and invented in Germany, and has already been tested and established in the literature and media sector. Companies and users can see transparently where their data is and how it is being used," stated Jasmin Wollesen, the initiator of Evulo.

Companies now have the opportunity to apply to Evulo and become first movers on the new platform - further information at and by e-mail at

She also continued, "With Evulo, users can create their own platforms that provide content, enable customers to see behind the scenes, analyse market trends, and bring producers and consumers closer together. Evulo relies on focussing and targeted contact - on Evulo, non-private communication and commercial messages are mingled. Communication takes place specifically in coordination with the businesses and users."

Jasmin Wollesen is a businesswoman and visionary. Early on, she discovered her attraction to communicative multimedia, founded her own company and informed herself about everything that was happening in the market. In 2017, she successfully sold her shares in a software company for the real estate sector. Parallel to that, over the past two years she has created an intelligent multimedia software solution for better communication between service providers and consumers, which has already been used successfully in the literature sector since 2016. Jasmin Wollesen's hobby is writing novels; she has already written bestsellers under her pseudonym. Ms Wollesen is the CEO of the startup.

The project is supported by Hamburg-based consultancy company von Beust & Collegen Beratungsgesellschaft. Georg Ehrmann is responsible for the finances and external communication.

POS (Point of Software) GmbH is a software development company from Hamburg with 20 years of project experience. The focus of POS is solution-orientated, holistic, innovative development and software design, as well as native app developments for Android and Apple. The company has developed projects from various different business segments, e.g. in-house CAD incl. rendering, an individual ticket reservation system and innovative software with application for Android and Apple devices for the media and literature.

Party responsible under press law: JW Technology GmbH represented by the executive management, J. Wollesen and G. Ehrmann

Evulo is supported by:

von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG
Represented by: Ole von Beust Consulting Verwaltungs-GmbH
Executive Directors: Ole von Beust, Georg Ehrmann, Sebastian Frevel
Office Hamburg: Colonnaden 51, 20354 Hamburg / Germany

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Jasmin Wollesen

Contact Address:

JW Technology GmbH / Evulo
Colonnaden 51
20354 Hamburg / Germany
Phone Number: +49 40 - 349 61 67-27


by: Jasmin Wollesen

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