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Exciting SMART Selling News

Over the last 20+ years, over 3,000 of you have participated in a

SMART Selling Workshop. You may have loved it, or not. In either

case, the reason may have been the instructor, or the situation, or your

mood at the time.


thing was consistent though


you all loved the content and gained

something that helped you improve your business.

Due to personal circumstances, my ability to deliver SMART



Workshops has been sharply curtailed. But, FEAR NOT


Selling has

not disappeared.

I'm pleased to announce that Mary Lombardo will be the new face of

SMART Selling. She's a lot better looking than me, and definitely

smarter (and some would say, nicer)

Mary Lombardo

is the Founder & CEO of Absolute Impact Corporation


has served in a corporate structure for nearly twenty years. A

Chicago native with an accomplished sales history, there isn’t a person

more relevant in corporate conversations. With clients resembling a

Forbes Magazine Top 100 list, Mary Lombardo has cons

ulted with many

CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies and is highly touted for her

professional wisdom.

Serving in Executive Level Leadership and Management roles her entire

career, generating revenues from $14


$60 Million dollars led her to

become the recipien

t of the coveted title "Salesperson of the Year" both

in 2008 and 2009 and entering the Million Dollar Club in 2007.

In fact,

Mary spearheaded and landed a colossal level win while in her role as

the Senior Strategic Partnership Leader for Evans Newton, In

c. included

a $5M sale for districtwide whole school reform programs that produced



digit corporate profits.

Formally educated, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from

DePaul University, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Law and a

Juris Doct

orate with an emphasis in Educational Law and graduated

Summa Cum Laude.



ough our partnership

, Mary

will continue the SMART mission


improve corporate sales teams and function










training programs.



ssional acumen

has earned her a solid reputation and many accolades.


he is a true

powerhouse in and out of the boardroom.






Study and master your craft, be an expert in product knowledge, sales

skills and sales

process, and

execution. Harness your stamina, resilience,

and natural drives for success. Show more interest in your prospect


situation than presenting your product. And, regardless of all other,

know yourself well and give a damn.

by: Mary Lombardo

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