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Execute the First Distributed Selenium Test in Automation

The formation of experiments and executing those experiments will be in succession and in parallel. We should see execution of experiments in remote machines. Selenium Grid can be utilized for executing these tests on remote machines.

Why and When To Use Selenium Grid?

There are such a significant number of web programs which are being used today. Clients might be utilizing either Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Opera or even Internet Explorer for perusing this very blog. They might be utilizing diverse forms of the programs. They may likewise be running these programs on any OS, be it Windows or Mac or Ubuntu or some other conveyance of Linux.

Consider the possibility that the clients were seeing something critical on the web. Something critical to your business? Wouldn't you need to go that additional mile (testing the web application) just to guarantee that your clients or potentially clients get the best client encounter? You would, isn't that so?

All things considered, you should!

Be that as it may, the inquiry is, how possible is it? Will you have the capacity to invest energy testing your web application on each conceivable OS and each accessible web program? Gee, that sounds like somewhat of a test. This is the place Selenium Grid possesses all the necessary qualities and helps spare your opportunity and vitality.

What Is Selenium Grid?

Selenium Grid is another vital device in the Selenium suite of devices. Network is fit for planning WebDriver tests/RC tests which can run at the same time on numerous web programs or can be started on various working frameworks or even facilitated on various machines.

Anyway, how does that work out? Network utilizes a Hub-Node design where, there is one Hub, which goes about as the ace and at least one Nodes going about as slaves.
This means, on the off chance that you have an aggregate of 100 employments/tests that should be executed, at that point the tests can be executed at the same time in 5 machines, where each machine will be running 20 tests.

Truth be told, you can execute these tests in various mixes of working frameworks and programs. Each machine here can be of an alternate OS and inside every OS; the tests can be performed on various programs.

This demonstration would effectively set aside on a great deal of your opportunity in test execution. On the off chance that you consider the above illustration, at that point we can decrease the execution time to around 1/fifth of the aggregate time taken to execute tests on a solitary machine.

Design Of Selenium Grid:-

Network works on the premise of one Hub and numerous Nodes. Be that as it may, what are Hub and Nodes and what do they do?

The Hub:

In any Grid setup, there can be just a single Hub and that will be the main issue in that Grid setup. Every one of the tests that should be executed ought to be stacked here. Regardless of the tests being stacked here, they will be executed just at the Nodes. We can design any host machine to be our Hub, and it wills co-ordinate the exercises of test execution in different hosts.

For this to happen, we have to first design the Hub, and afterward make different Nodes to enlist to the Hub. Before I go into an excessive number of points of interest, let me demonstrate to you the order to arrange the Hub.

Arranging The Hub:

You have to above all else download the Selenium server JAR record from Seleniumhq's site. You likewise need to ensure that Java is introduced in your framework and the earth factors are set.

When you have downloaded the container document, you have to put it in a proper index, put it in the Selenium organizer in C Drive. selenium training in Bangalore - It suggest you download the container document and place it in a comparable registry in the various hubs.

The Nodes:

The Nodes are the host machines on which the tests are run. These tests will be propelled by the Hub. The Hub can dispatch at least one Node either on remote machines or a similar machine where the Hub itself is found. On each of the Nodes, diverse working frameworks can be booted, and on various working frameworks, distinctive adaptations of a similar program or distinctive programs can be started.

Arranging the Nodes:

Like the Hub, you have to first download the Jar record in the Node machines and place it on the C Drive or some other regular registry for your benefit. You would then be able to run the underneath summon in the Windows charge incite. In the event that you are propelling even the Node on an indistinguishable machine from your Hub, at that point you have to run the order by beginning another summon incite.

About Author:

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by: Infocampus

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