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Expert Warns Proposed Law Could Unfairly Target Cyclists

New York City council members are considering a new law that would make it illegal to text while biking, but one expert warns that it may unfairly target cyclists. The New York City Council is considering a new law which was proposed by city council member Mark Treyger in 2014. The proposal seeks to ban the use of cell phones and any other handheld devices while cycling. Advocates of the law say it would level the playing field between cyclist and motorists, but opponents say the new law is entirely unnecessary. They say that under the motor vehicle statues that ban texting while operating a motor vehicle, texting and using a handheld device is already illegal for cyclists as well. But the need for such a law is only a part of the ongoing battle heating up between advocates and opponents. A spokesman for My Ride Gripper, a [handlebar bicycle mount for cellphones](, is warning people that such laws could cause officials to unfairly target cyclists. €œBecause cyclists are more visible to law enforcement, we're concerned that they may be unfairly targeted in the enforcement of this law," he says. And he's not the only one who is afraid the law could put additional legal burdens on cyclists. When the law was up for consideration in Chicago, one well known group was outspoken about its potential downfalls. The Active Transportation Alliance came out in favor of the law, but at the same time, it expressed concern that the law similar to Treyger's proposed law would result in bicyclists being targeted more often than motorists when using handheld devices. New York City isn't the first city to consider such a law. Other cities that have also passed laws that make biking while texting illegal such as Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco. And experts say that the laws will likely begin to spread to other cities and states across the nation. €œIt's important that cyclists have access to their cell phones while on the road," says the spokesman. €œThey need phones in case they're involved in an accident, breakdown, or are injured while out on a ride, and that's where a good bicycle mount for cellphones comes in handy. But cyclists should be aware that many of the mounts don't work with all types of phones. They should ensure that the handlebar cell phone mount they purchase will fit their phone and their bike." As advocates and opponents argue about whether or not the law is needed, cyclists should remember that just as texting while driving isn't safe for drivers, texting while biking is a potential hazard as well. €œBecause of [bike mounted cell phone holders](, the answer is simple and obvious," says the spokesman. Matthew Hesser Majon Internernational P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421 New York United States

by: Matthew Hesser Majon Internernational

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