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Explore Alaska in a Spacious Alaska Yacht Charter

Alaska is the largest State in the Union. It is larger than many countries and has a coastline that has scenery like no other. From majestic mountain ranges, to forests and beaches where no foot has trod, the Coast of Alaska is a world apart. Cruise ships make regular voyages to this visual paradise. Not everyone desires to be among huge numbers of passengers, somehow Alaska is not a place to be seen with a crowd. There are moments when the sheer majesty demands silence and personal contemplation. Privacy is not always easy to find among several thousand companions.

One of the best solutions to seeing the Alaska Coast in a personal way is traveling on an Alaska yacht charter. These yachts have enviable accommodations and gourmet meals and yet offer an intimacy with the sea and nature a cruise ship cannot manage. Alaska small boat cruise vessels can get closer to shores of natural wonder and change course and plans quickly.

You are an explorer as opposed to a passenger; you can share the life top deck and get your sea legs. Alaska yacht charters life is an adventure worth many memories and the stories to be told years after the experience. You will smell the slat air, feel the spray and remember the surprises of a whale breaching or seals sunning themselves around the bend.

These yachts are a captainís pride and a sailorís joy. Those who choose this way to see Alaska will be rewarded with new friendships and the experience of seeing the Pacific of the Northwest in all its glory and power.

Instead of looking down on the sea you will see it from the deck of an eminently seaworthy Alaska yacht charter. Expert and experienced captains who know these waters like the back of their own hand and crews who know how it is all done and do it well. You will share the experience of a wooden deck, the wind that drives sails of tall ships and the sense of adventure that only going to sea can ever convey.
Chartering a yacht with an experienced captain and crew who know the waters to be sailed and sights to be seen is a ticket to an adventure. Meals prepared in a gourmet galley are more enjoyable when the adventure is one that is shared. The captainís table is ready for you.
General Request:
P.O. Box 70
Bellingham, WA 98227
United States

by: Yacht Charter

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