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Extensive customisation of WordPress themes at affordable price

The United States of America, March 13, 2014: WordPress is one of the most popular open-source, free, cross-platform blog software at present. It is primarily used to create light websites for individuals as well as small or medium-sized enterprises. Online resources like Theme Tailors have expanded the utility of WordPress for developers and hirers alike. Development and maintenance of websites on WordPress is relatively easy than on other platforms. Theme Tailors takes it to another level with the provision of customisable themes at affordable price through its WordPress plugins marketplace. The online theme store bridges the gap between CMS Scripts and price and compensation.

Online presence is utmost important for all business firms. However, development, modification and administration of websites exceed financial capability of many companies and individuals. Theme Tailors accepts Group Requests and allows members to vote for them. Any coder can undertake a modification task that receives enough votes. It is sold to interested members, who thus have to pay fraction of the price that they had to pay had they hired developer. The benefit is especially evident in case of WordPress ecommerce themes, exclusive development of which can be very expensive.

The same technique is beneficial for developers too. Coders have to work on modifications all the time for their clients but they get paid typically only once. This is true in case of simple WordPress membership plugins to anything as complex as it can be. Theme Tailors offer coders the opportunity to create a library of plug-in and theme modifications done by them. There are several takers for every piece of code. As developers can sell their modification works through WordPress plugins marketplace, they can earn repeatedly for their effort.

All plugins and themes showcased at Theme Tailors 2 types of ‘request’ options – Group Requests and Custom Requests. Custom Requests are for specific need of a member. Members who need specific themes such as WordPress real estate themes can view verified coders’ profile and strike deal with the one who bids the most economical. On the other hand, Group Requests are public and requests are submitted by multiple members who cannot afford to pay the full charge of such project. In this case, developers have the choice to accept whichever project depending upon the number of members showing interest in it. Thus, there are multiple takers of one modification project. There are numerous WordPress photography themes at Theme Tailors but some may be taken by multiple members while others may be for specific members. Besides, with full documentation-support and intuitive layout, Theme Tailors has made its services easily understandable and usable for both coders and buyers.

About Theme Tailors:


Theme Tailors is an online WordPress themes and plugins store. In addition to showcasing and interfacing sales, the online resource has taken steps to ease financial burden on both developers and buyers. Its method allows developers to earn continuously through their work while buyers to purchase themes at inexpensive prices.

by: Keith Bowen

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