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Extreme Wrist Watches Collection of Western Watches

These days, Watches are more than just a timepiece to help you keep track of the time. Available in various styles such as shapes, sizes and colours, there is a wide range of designs and each one makes the perfect wrist wear accessory from day to day life to that all important event. We have a number of amazing watches flanking our Western collection, which prove to be the best in class embellishment for the modern personality. Giving more options of superior quality to our customers worldwide, WESTERN broadened its range of production, from classic to modern designs. The watches shown on our website is a small sampling of the over 750 designs we carry. The Brand is currently distributed in 20 countries through 15 distributors and 5000 retail outlet worldwide. Our collection adheres to one rule: Functionality may be key in a timepiece but so is looking good! This range offers precision in addition to modern city aesthetics to add that oomph factor.

The watch collection itself consists of both menís and womenís watches. Both of which come in a combination of leather, stainless steel, and silicon watch straps. All the watch casings are finished in stainless steel to keep the high quality associated with Western. The menís western watches also consist of some very nice Chronograph watches which you really do like. For the women on the other hand as well as some nice purple watches in the collection there is also some popular white and orange leather strap models which always seem to be good sellers.
From this broadened collection for both men and women. Western have couple watches for his and hers. Our best-selling couple series are Vergant and Verga . A mix of luxury, style and innovation. This couple watch features a two-tone style along the case, while chronograph detailing lends a sport-chic attitude. Finished with a leather strap, this timepiece is your ultimate everyday accessory. Next one is Le Classique our Economy Strap signature piece is perfect for twosome features a slim silhouette that adds confidence and attitude to a personal style. With a multi-toned stainless steel case and a strap made out of genuine leather details to round out this ever-lasting luxe design. Evan & Evelyn Classic Bracelet watch delivers glam and chic attitude. The shiny dial lends a dazzling flair, while the two-toned bracelet strap renders this piece forever elegant and timeless.

Seeking something elegant and lavish for men, than westernís splendid collection holds an eye-catchy Xavier series extremely timeless and bold. Its mix of details creates a piece thatís in check for both work and fashion. The oversized bezel read sleek, while the leather strap adds drama. Wear it to add style, whether in the office or out of town. Chronograph Aston series inspired by the Art Deco period, its dynamic lines and refined curves is obvious on any wrist. Seamlessly marrying style and function, it is an efficient and accurate timepiece, which can be used to measure time up to 12 hours. The rectangular-shaped case and genuine leather strap of Vicente Series perfect for the everyday timekeeping. The matte dial features raised indexes and hands that resonate the curves of the case.

Throughout history classy watches have been an inseparable part of the wardrobe of any successful woman. Add Rania Series to your classy collection from wide stock of western. For ultimate glam, pair this glitzy piece with ultra-shiny extras like Swarovski Crystal watch and a show-stopping gown before heading out for a night on the town. Be a trendsetter with our ladies dazzling Dahlia series. A Stunning, refined look for the classic and modern taste in a petite size this watch with magnificent quality of material designed for every gorgeous woman, who loves to wear elegance around her wrist slushy leather strap that hugs the contours of watch with perfection.

Find You Favorite Watch at, Western Watches

by: Shiv Sadhawani

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