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Fairfax Title Company Discusses Common Issues Found In Property Titles

Fairfax, Virginia (postafreepressrelease) April 8, 2019 - Mathis Title Company, a Fairfax title company, recently released a blog post outlining common issues found in property titles. If your title is found to have one of these issues, the sale or purchase of your home could be interrupted.

Your title may need to be cleared before your transaction can proceed. One common problem is simple human error. Your title may have misspellings or other small errors that necessitate a new title being printed. The property may also carry liens that were previously undisclosed. Liens are placed to ensure payment for services, and they must be paid off. If your property is meant to be inherited by an heir who has not yet claimed it or cannot be contacted, your rights to the house could be in jeopardy. Boundary disputes, forged documents, and previously undiscovered wills could all affect your ownership rights as well. If these title problems are not discovered in advance, you may be putting your finances and home at risk.

Purchasing title insurance is an excellent way to protect your property. With title insurance, a professional company will examine public records and other documents to find issues like these before you sign the final contract. Then, the company will assist you in clearing the title of any problems. Title insurance remains in effect after you've purchased the property, so if any problems should arise in subsequent years, you can still file a claim and receive financial support in handling the case. Purchasing title insurance can therefore be a smart decision for your security and peace of mind.

Speak to Mathis Title Company for more information about common property title issues and how title insurance can help protect your investment in your new home. Robin Mathis has years of experience in both real estate and law, giving her unique insight into how to best handle your home buying concerns. She oversees each closing herself and provides clients with individual attention. The Fairfax title company can also assist with settlements, contract review and preparation, refinancing negotiations, and liens. Contact the Fairfax title company online at or by phone at 703-214-4020. The company is headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 160, Fairfax, VA 22030.


by: Robin Mathis

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