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Fast Secure Immediate and Easy Loans

UK - For a lot of us, being able to get a loan is a harrowing process. From the application process, to submitting it, then waiting for approval of the loan, then negotiating with the terms and rates and repayment options, terms and amount, till the actual disbursement of the loan; this can be a tedious and exhausting process. Even more so if you have a bad credit history, which can just make it worse than the whole process already is for most customers.

For customers who find it challenging to apply for a mainstream credit loans due to bad credit history or due to any other reason; Oxhalt Loans provides quick and easy solutions. Oxhalt Loans does not have any hidden charges or agenda. The motive is just to help our customers. Customers can borrow 500 to 5000, with a guarantor. The process is stress free and hassle free. The repayment period is from 12 to 60 months.

These loans are best for people with bad credit history, as has already been discussed. Oxhalt Loans can also be taken by those whose loan application has been rejected earlier by major lending companies. The only part that customers themselves have to take care of is to have a guarantor ready.

A guarantor must own a home in the UK. He/ she should be over the age of 21, and have an excellent credit history. A guarantor, however, cannot be someone with whom the customer is already linked to, financially. That said, the guarantor can be any relative or friend, provided it is not a spouse taking responsibility. By far, this is one of the only things that the customer themselves need to take care of in order to get a guarantor loan from Oxhalt Loans.

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About Kelstock Loans:

Oxhalt Loans is an independent guarantor loan providing based in the UK, a firm that provides loans to consumers with bad credit rating. This firm is able to give out loans in as less as 24 hours, provided the customer has a qualified guarantor to back them up. Since Oxhalt Loans concentrates mainly on consumers with bad credit history, they are able to identify with their customers and customize packages according to their individual needs.

Media Contact:
Address: 13 Thornbury Rise, Banbury,
Oxfordshire, OX16 0HT,
United Kingdom
Phone: 08447389283

by: Oxhalt

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