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Few Essential Hiking Gears One Must List Down for Purchase

If you talk to a dozen hikers, you will get various opinions and suggestions about the types of hiking gear that are absolutely necessary for your trail. There are few people who over-pack, like the ones who carry a tent even if they are taking daytrips, whereas some are happy by taking the basic comforts with them, like insoles and shaving kits.

Generally, most people fall in between these two categories. But still, here is a core list of hiking gear without which you can’t plan your hiking trip.

If you are going on short hiking trips, a backpack of 500 to 1500 cubic inches should be enough to do the job. With a carrying capacity of 1000 cubic inches, you can easily store the ten essentials that are must-haves for your hiking trip.
a) Navigation - Although GPS is good, but maps and compasses are widely preferred as their batteries will last longer.
b) Sun protection - Sunglasses are very important and try to have polarized lenses for that perfect view. They are widely used in winter days too as they acts as perfect protection from snow-blinding. Apply sunscreen on your face to keep yourself protected from the harmful rays of sun.
c) Insulation – try to dress in layers to be comfortable and for safety purposes, carry one more layer, in case you need it.
d) Illumination – always pack a headlamp and batteries, after all you will need some light to maneuver your way through dark caves and deep ravines.
e) First aid supplies – whatever you carry in your backpack ultimately depends on your destination, where you are travelling. There is no need to be a medical professional but it is better to carry few medical items, such as SAM splint and wrap, bandages, tweezers, antibiotics and antiseptics.
f) Fire – try to carry waterproof matches and lighter as they are safer to carry as well as easily refillable.
g) Repair kit and tools – you can start off with loading your knife and duct tape and then continue to load other repair equipments that needs to be taken on your trip.
h) Nutrition – trail mix, candy and nutria bars are good emergency foods, ready to be consumed when you are hungry.
i) Hydration – it is better to carry water filter tablets if you find a water-source close to your trail. But if there are no water sources nearby, carry enough water to sustain the whole hike.
j) Emergency shelter – carry a large garbage bag or a space blanket as they can serve as great emergency shelters.
Hiking shoes
A common rule for all hikers is that if you are thinking of traveling far then you should buy sturdy hiking shoes. Although you can easily go on hiking by wearing tennis shoes for a short hike, still hiking specific shoes and boots are better as they give you better stability and traction control. They also protect your feet while you are trailing on rocky paths and roads.

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by: amanda

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