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Flex to relax

San Diego, CA – March 05 The name ‘flex tennis’ comes from the adjective ‘flexible’ because it is a flexible format that allows you to enjoy and play tennis whenever you want, and wherever you want. It is up to you.

Flex tennis is a completely new concept of entertainment and a system of freedom which offers sports enthusiasts the opportunity to practice and enjoy amateur tennis in their own neighborhood. The location where tennis partners meet to play tennis can be a court in the vicinity of your apartment, a court in your local tennis club or a public court. flex tennis brings this game to your neighborhood. Anywhere you desire. Tennis leagues are formed and anyone who enjoys playing tennis can join and be a part of a league. These leagues are designed for individuals, and they do not require your participation as a part of a team.

flex tennis works for you. It is tailored to meet your busy schedule, so if you enjoy playing singles and have a busy schedule, this type of game is definitely for you. You decide when you will play, according to your personal timetable. This allows you to organize your other daily activities quite easily. You will play when it suits you. Your only obligation is to find a tennis partner at your level, and follow the provided schedule, but you alone coordinate the time that suits you and your tennis partner best.

There are different levels of flex tennis. You can play at all levels, from beginner level to advanced levels. Naturally, the competition is organized discretely for men and women. Skill levels are also differentiated, but you will find the most convenient level for you. This type of game brings you a variety of opportunities to meet new people, make friends, make progress in your game, and have fun burning calories. Enjoy healthy life.
There are singles, doubles and mixed leagues. The only quandary you have is to choose a league.

How to get started?

If you are a tennis fan or a sports enthusiast, flex tennis is the best choice you can make. The steps you need to take in order to join this new concept of sport are very simple. is the best place where you can start. provides you with the necessary pieces of information on how to become a part of this new growing family. The site takes you through the stages quite easily.

The first step you need to take is to join and create your own profile on for free. Once you have created your profile, you will need to select a court most convenient for your home matches, your level, and you will need to register for league season. The fun may start. You can win matches, prizes, recognitions just by logging in to your account, and tracking matches, your scores and of your opponents; all the statistics you need. is also available as an android application on Google Play. Download it to your phone and follow stats, scores on the go. This way saves your time. This site is a phenomenal place for you to start. connects players on the same levels on a flexible schedule. "My dashboard" on your profile will display all the singles, doubles and mixed leagues for you, under "Upcoming leagues". You can also rate your opponents and enter notes about your matches after you submit your score. In order to qualify for playoff, you will need to win five sets against any number of players.

eTennis League gives you a unique chance to become a champion and even win cash prizes and trophies. Here, you can also read comments of other tennis enthusiasts who share their impressions for new players to join.

Contact :
Contact Person: Milica Sedlarevic
eTennis League
Address: 5580 La Jolla Blvd 322 La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel/Fax: +1 858 8002526

by: Nenad

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