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Food Safety Innovations within AchieverPlus Solution from Sword Achiever

Sword Achiever, a provider of Enterprise Quality Management Software, is excited to announce its new release of AchieverPlus - which introduces brand new functionality allowing organisations to create, define, and manage process configurations for safety processes - including HACCP and Critical Control Point monitoring (CCP).
The seven principles of HACCP represent the cornerstone of almost every food safety system. The HACCP-based food safety management module helps food business operators manage their food safety procedures according to legislative standards. AchieverPlus now provides organisations with a centralised, structured solution to conduct multiple HACCP studies in a way that meets best practice and guidelines based on the HACCP principles. The HACCP workflow supports collaboration of the study team through planning, scoping, analysis and validation/review through the use of industry-standard forms and templates.
The ability to record Critical Control Points (CCP’s), establish monitoring rules to automatically trigger corrective actions, and notify the monitoring team when a critical control limit is reached or approached means businesses can manage food safety procedures and ensure food produce is safe for consumption. Organisations can now assign team members and schedule planning meetings, define process flow diagrams and refine it through on-site confirmation, link process steps to potential hazards and conduct a hazard analysis for each hazard.
The new ‘Customer Complaint’ workflow correctly allows organisations to do more than just satisfy regulatory requirements. Customer complaints trend analysis can help to identify issues that have not been detected during normal process control checks. The workflow enhancements include the ability to close complaints as invalid, preliminary risk assessment (to determine potential product recall triggers) and optional integrated customer communications.
Salman Rauf, Account Director at Sword Achiever commented; "We have been working in collaboration with customers in every region, and enterprises of various sizes, to produce a platform for robust and feature-rich technology to propel us into the future of delivering on premise and hosted solutions globally. This version will act as the perfect baseline to provide features and functions enhancing our solution immensely, and is the beginning of exponential development around the product. We are excited to announce that it is available globally starting today".
Notes to Editor
For further information regarding this press release please contact:
Kate Passby
Sword Achiever
1 Grenfell Rd, Maidenhead, West Berkshire SL6 1HN
01628 582500

by: Kate Passby

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