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Free Software that Burns ISO Image Files Onto USB Devices

It is now easy to extract the ISO files that too directly onto the USB devices. The free to download ISO to USB Tool helps users extract the ISO files and copy them directly onto USB devices such as Flash Drives and Memory Sticks. This Windows compatible application was created in order to make it more user friendly. Users can now avoid a lot of hiccups that are associated with burning the ISO files. It might take time for the process to complete and this can be tracked with the help of the progress bar present on the tool. This will help users estimate the completion process of burning the ISO files.

The Free ISO to USB can be used by everyone irrespective of their knowledge in technology. It is a four step standard process and the steps have to be followed every time the users are trying to extract the ISO files through this tool. In any case first time users will find the tool very helpful because of the step by step instructions especially if they have missed out on anything. The best thing about this tool is that it detects any kind of USB device extremely fast and starts the extraction process immediately. It is a great tool for smoother transfer of ISO files.

About ISO to USB

ISO to USB tool is a free to download software that does a job of burning the ISO Image files onto the USB Drives directly. USB drives include Memory Sticks, USB Flash Drives and various USB storage devices available in the market today. This tool supports and helps in creating a bootable USB with Windows OS.

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