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Gastroenterologist Recognized for Proven Colonoscopy Treatment in LA


Colorectal cancer (also known as colon cancer) is one of the most common, it is a leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women in the United States. In fact, one in 21 men and women are diagnosed with colon cancer. Because of these staggering statistics, Dr. Berookim has advocated for colon health and been a principal preventative colonoscopy Los Angeles doctor for several decades. Through his commitment to the field, his colonoscopy Los Angeles practice has earned numerous accolades including America’s Top Gastroenterologist and America’s Top Physicians.

Colonoscopies are the most effective procedure to prevent the development of colon cancer. However, because of the complex structure of the colon, traditional colonoscopies sometimes leave precancerous polyps undetected. As the leading colonoscopy Los Angeles gastroenterologist, Dr. Berookim is one of the few doctors that perform the highly advanced and more accurate third eye colonoscopy. Introducing a third camera to the traditional colonoscopy procedure, third eye colonoscopy allows Dr. Berookim to have greater visibility and to better detect (and remove) hidden polyps in his colonoscopy Los Angeles practice.

For those with increased risk of developing colon cancer, such as individuals with a family history of cancer, a third eye colonoscopy Los Angeles with Dr. Berookim provides greater peace of mind and can be life-saving. Not only are the procedural preparation steps of third eye colonoscopy identical to traditional colonoscopy, but also, patients undergo the same minimal risks and recovery time. Ultimately, for those with access to third eye colonoscopy Los Angeles, Dr. Berookim’s cutting-edge and specialized colonoscopy treatment provides the greatest prevention of colon cancer.

About Dr. Berookim

A pioneer in the gastroenterology field, Dr. Berookim is the preeminent provider of colonoscopy Los Angeles procedures. His commitment to excellence in providing the utmost care to his patients has yielded him numerous distinctions. For more information about Dr. Berookim or to schedule a consultation, please visit his practice located at 150 N. Robertson Blvd., Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 or visit his website: . Phone: (310) 271-1122.

Media Contact:
Peyton P. Berookim
Company Name: GI Doctor
Phone Number: 310.271.1122
Address: Beverly Hills, CA

by: Peyton P Berookim

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