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General Bottled Water Manufacturing By Prit International

06- 12- 2018 Kolkata - Growing at a CAGR of 60% between 2018- 2025, the water manufacturer in Kolkata is valued at 3 crore million rupees in 2017 and to expect to reach 10 crore million by the end of 2025. To gain a wide range of flavors and health benefits, the water manufacturer in Kolkata is introducing various products in a new way. The consumers are liking the taste of water which is being manufactured at Priti International. This company is providing water which is providing customers with great benefit through health. For better-bottled water market in India, the company is using suitable machinery which can provide healthy and tasty water for use. Suitable. The water is being extracted from the ground level, through the specially designed pipes and pumping stations. The unnecessary module is being removed along with other other ingredients, as the water source is oxidized. The oxidization of the underground water is being done. To guarantee that the water is being 100% pure, the oxidized water is being oxidized in a further way.

To produce the From the water, the suspended solids are being removed by the process of filtration. The appliance breaks down the solids in small particles , which are being done at the packaged drinking water plant in Kolkata. Until these particles become fine solids , the membrane filtration is done. To remove the bacteria and germs, the water is taken for UV sterilization and then being guaranteed for drinking. There are also use of automatic machines which are being used for the bottling of filtered water. After being filled in the bottles, the bottles are capped in a tight way. For the hygene purpose, the caps are washed. Then comes the part of the product coding, as each bottle is being coded differently. Through the automated machine, the labeling is done. Finally the products are packed , as per packing categories.

About Priti International
Priti International India Is Turkey Based Consultants handles the concept to conceptualization. This company also deals in procurement, engineering, and, construction management system.

by: Avant Garde Technologies

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