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Global Health and Learning Now is the time more than ever to help

Everyone has a different reason why they choose to donate to a certain charity. This can be because the mission of the organization is one that they are passionate about or the cause is something close to their hearts. While many people mindlessly put spare change inside a collection box without really knowing why the charity is collecting donations, it is better to know the reasons why it is good to help a charity.

The holiday season is just around the corner, people are feeling more generous and want to extend their blessings to the less fortunate. These are some of the reasons why donating to a charity is a wonderful way to help the needy:

Strengthening Your Personal Values

People who tend to choose a specific charity because the mission of the organization aligns with their personal values. Take for example Global Health & Learning, the charity aims to provide access to education to children in Liberia who arenít fortunate enough to live near schools. People that know the true value of education and feel that it is the right of every child to learn will feel compelled to help the organization continue with their work.

" According to our donors, they find fulfillment in giving. Sharing to help improve someone's condition in life enriches one's soul," a representative of the organization shares.

Being able to make an impact on someoneís life is a privilege that should be shared. When there is a charity that does work that tugs are your own personal values, it is always a great feeling to be able to help.

Teaching Your Children The Value Of Generosity

It is said that children tend to mimic the words and actions of their parents. Giving to charities is a wonderful way to encourage children to share with others. Our own children are lucky enough to go to school and get the education they need to thrive in the world. The same opportunity is being extended by Global Health & Learning to children in the outskirts town of Monrovia.

By supporting a charity to do their outreach, you are effectively encouraging your own children to be more generous. When children are taught to care and share their fortune to those with less from a young age, they are more likely to carry on the tradition as they grow into responsible and generous adults.

" Helping Global Health & Learning does not only give us a chance to reach out to kids in need but helps me teach the virtue of charity to my kids and other members of our family and community," a donor of the organization said.

Charities Need Year-Round Support

Most, if not all, charities see a significant increase in donations during the holiday season, which is welcomed and appreciated, but the generosity should not end with the holidays. Organizations like Global Health & Learning need even more support during the rest of the year because education and learning do not rest. Giving when most people arenít is a blessing that charities need the most.

Donate Now And Make A Difference

What better way to help the education of children than to donate what you can to Global Health & Learning? The charity is currently working to build a middle and high school for the children of Monrovia so that they have access to higher education. Learn more about the organization and the different ways you can support the cause by visiting Your kindness and generosity will go a long way.

For more information visit

by: Global Health

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