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Projects and programs are the core of any organization’s strategic initiatives - they are how change happens. Having the talent to implement those initiatives successfully is the critical capability that gives organizations a competitive advantage to navigate through necessary change. Excellence in managing the talent is a key to unlocking that capability. In a nutshell, Talent Acquisition & Management is always the most sought after functional area in the industry, given
that the talent war remains a constant phenomenon in the
global landscape in spite the VUCA world. Idealizing this
is team Hirexa, a Europe based recruitment start-up that
aims to make recruitments at a higher level efficient, accurate and ensure a seamless integration of the new-recruit in the customer organizational culture.

Backed by a highly experienced team, with a collective
50 years of Industry Expertise, recruiting Technology /
Senior/ Leadership roles, Hirexa was born out of trust
quotient between each of the founding promoters and
the complimentary skills each of them bring to the table.
The name Hirexa in fact was christened reflecting their
confidence factor of winning, with the idea of launching an International Talent Acquisition firm. The combination of two words Hire plus Rex (a Latin name for kings) reflects that they will be the King of Hiring.

Over the years, Hirexa is believed to add significant value to the market being a differentiator to both customers and candidates through their in-depth knowledge and expertise gained from their past corporate experience. Today, the company is making inroads in the industry through their strong expertise in identifying talent to match the customer needs, especially in International markets in UK, Europe and
in India.

Throwing light on their inception, Mahesh Jain, Director,
Hirexa, speaks, "We chose to play the complex markets to
start with to showcase our capabilities, hence we launched our services in India along with European markets.
We have been servicing successfully some of the most challenging talent hunts for global customers in European countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Our foray
into RPO space working with clients as their extended
partner to fulfil demands for their customer based
projects or large programs where there is a challenge to
find talent or spike. We want to make our presence felt
in this area, be it lateral recruitment of experienced talent / or bringing in expat talent through our International Mobility practice into European markets."

Enabling Success
A start-up with a global vision to impart quality
services to both employer and employee with enhanced
recruitment methodology, created for success in the
current economic scenario (locally and globally), Hirexa
lives up to its tagline – "We enable your success". The
company applies the best of the industry practices to
ensure optimal benefit and value in the process for both
clients and candidates.

Working from home, then moving into shared
workspaces, nurturing and grooming young graduates
into full-fledged recruitment professionals handling


the process of sourcing, screening and interacting
with customer Talent Acquisition Lead, the company’s
progress has been incremental over the years. "The
successful execution of the first set of recruitment process outsourcing projects for our clients brought in a lot of confidence for us to sell the successful fulfilments we did in India, Hong Kong and Europe leading us to win more opportunities in other countries like United Kingdom and across Europe," mentions Kingsly Stephen, Director.

He further speaks, "Our associates do take the pride
in working with us as the foundation of the firm is on the footing of coaching and mentoring of the young recruiting practitioners. Career progression with Hirexa is global, with opportunities for our associates to travel and work in our international locations.
When it comes to providing quality services, team Hirexa
ensures complete transparency in the entire lifecycle of the recruitment process to enable a candidate’s successful career transition. They continuously keep in touch through all mediums to bring back opportunities commensurate to their expectations. "Clients come back to us repeatedly as we truly live up to the expectations in adding value to their process, working closely as a partner and their extended teams," he adds.

Accuracy, Compatibility and Quality As a strategic partner for cost optimized RPO model, Hirexa
offers services to its clients in the healthcare, IT & software, telecom, mass media & entertainment, banking & finance, auto/engineering, retail, insurance. Deeming Human Capital Services as the flagship offering, the company caters its services across India, UK and Europe markets. Under this, all the other Services roll up such as RPO Solutions, technical panel on demand, talent market research & analysis and International Mobility practice.

Mohammed Zakir, Director of Hirexa highlights that
they are one of the few player’s offering International Mobility practice from India to the European markets, with countries like Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Poland.
The company has launched this practice of processing highly skilled migration visas for Indian nationals to facilitate faster, hassle-free candidate recruitment for organizations.

"Our International Mobility practice is expanding and
providing fantastic International career opportunities for top software professionals across European countries.
This service offering has broken the conventional thinking of our clients that it is challenging to get talent into European countries from non- EU nations. Even though
the operational aspect of execution is cumbersome in this
model, we have been fulfilling client demands between
4 to 6 weeks’ timeline across all technology stacks, with
significant cost arbitrage for customers and lucrative
job offers for candidates. Apart from this, candidates
get to engage in the best of the technologies for complex
development projects,"

The Development Plans to Accelerate Business
From ground zero to 45 team members, Hirexa has
undoubtedly topped the charts of being a successful start-
up. Further, the company is looking to double the capacity
before the end of 2018. With a client base of more than 20
spread across India and Europe, Hirexa has set its footprint
in more than 8 countries across Europe. Fortunate enough,
the team has received constant support from the industry
and is on discussions to bring in strategic investors to meet
their goals and vision.
Hirexa is all set to expand its global footprint with plans
to add its local base across European countries. Hirexa
is looking to diversify into platform based proprietary
recruitment model using cutting edge technology which
can enable service customer’s more effectively. If the plans
are on track, Hirexa should put its footprint in one of the
largest talent markets such as North America and APAC in
the coming 1 to 2 years.

Case Study
International RPO Overview:
1. One of the top IT service providers wanted to ramp up
its Budapest, Hungary Development Centre with Software
professionals with multiple language composition such as
German, Dutch and Swedish language to build a strategic
pool of 30 plus resources to meet their various customer
project needs
2. One of our Financial Services customer was looking to
ramp up 50 plus top notch Developers across all Digital
stack through International Mobility, to be placed for long
term projects in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
A dedicated sourcing and delivery team was set up along
with our client’s Project Management team to have a
speedy recruitment process and onboarding since the
business need was on urgent basis. Hirexa executed a
project hiring over a period of three months;

by: Hirexa

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