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Following just over two decades in business, CITC USA speaks out on the integral role Mcmaster Dubai has had on their success and performance.

Dubai, U.A.E.: May 2017

Specialising in global logistics for just over 20 years, CITC USA recently stated that mcmaster dubai has been an integral cog in their business practices, without whom they would not have been able to come this far.

Amongst the host of products and services offered, CITC USA also prominently handles transactions in distributing industrial supply needs, which includes components necessary for factories in production. A major supplier of such parts is mcmaster in dubai, who have been a long-standing partner of the global logistics giant primarily because of their quality and reliability. They offer products across a host of divisions which includes hand tools, filtering, electrical & lighting, plumbing & janitorial, safety supplies and much more. Mcmaster also regularly creates and tests out new products, so they are innovators in the field, leading the pack by offering new options from time to time. This in turn allows CITC USA to offer their clients variety over a long period of time. And when you have been around for as long as they have, this particular trait is essential for survival.

Furthermore, CITC USA offers unparalleled prices on Mcmaster items and has been doing so since 1985. Hence, if any customer is looking to source products solely by mcmaster dubai, they can do so through CITC USA, with significant savings under their belt. In fact, clients can look forward to securing upto 30% off their total bill. Which, from a business perspective is quite a substantial percentage.

‘We are proud to have been tied up with a company like Mcmaster Carr over the past so many years. Frankly, they have ticked off all the boxes any company looks for when considering a partnership of sorts. They are reliable, have an extremely wide variety of products and above all have impeccable customer service and quality supplies that leave use with very satisfied customers. Which, after all is what every business hopes to achieve at the end of the day. It is not easy to work with companies who are not as dedicated as you, but fortunately for us, Mcmaster has been the opposite of that. We look forward to many more years of business partnership together.’- Director: CITC USA


Established in 1986, the primary focus of CITC USA is the distribution of products and services for those who need to run their business operations with utmost efficiency. We are proud to cover a range of essential requirements from trucks to batteries, cables and so on. Regardless of your necessity, we are confident in providing you with the most fitting solution.
In order to offer our clients the best possible package, we make use of our network of over a 1,000 strong companies that enable us to locate the most suitable products with the best price and most convenient delivery time.
Our expansive network of CITC USA warehouses are capable of storing your orders for you safely and securely until they are shipped out to a location of your choice. With stringent inventory systems in place, we are able to strictly monitor all products that move in and out of our facilities. We are also able to take care of shipping requirements such as packaging, shipping, customs clearance as well as delivery.

For those who may have specific alterations, it is possible to get in touch with our Special Services division and obtain the necessary information.

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