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High quality steel products developed through professional treatments

China, 14 March 2014: Manufacturing high speed steel is a complicated process and only professional would be able to manufacture these products. These products are supplied for different purposes in different forms like square bars, round rods, forging pieces, shafts and rollers. High speed steel consists of tungsten, alloy steel, vanadium, chromium, molybdenum, etc. It is very important to contact companies that have experience of being in this field and have got a good record. One of those companies that has been providing high speed steel for a long time is Sinohss. The benefit of contacting a professional is that they know all the ins and outs of this product and understand the specifications mentioned by the clients.

The main advantage of High speed steel is that it can maintain its hardness under different conditions. While manufacturing high speed steel it is important to make sure that the product has good red hardness and its hardness does not fall even under extreme temperatures. The process of treating this steel is very difficult and only experts can be trusted when it comes to hss steel. Generally the treatment of this product is divided into two phases and both the heating and cooling process should be monitored properly. There are varieties of factors that are related to this process and it is very important to have a look at the type of metal used. Among all the ranges of steel products there are various combinations used to make a specific category of steel and this combinations is created depending on the area where it would be used. One of the metals that are used widely is tungsten as it has hard wearing properties.

The heat treatment process that is used for HSS has advanced in the recent years and the development of new technologies has helped in making the product even better. In the modern treatment process the use of laser beam or electron helps in increasing the temperature and giving extra heat. When compared with the traditional process this has proved to be very effective and the modern process has helped in creating very resilient materials. The common products in the field of steel manufacturing are 34CrNiMo6 and 42CrMo4. Both the materials are manufactured at sinohss are produced with the help of modern processes.

42CrMo4 are alloy steel manufacturers that are supplied in different forms like flat bars, round rods, block, shafts and rollers. The carbon content in these products is high and it is very important to follow standard practices to manufacture these materials. 34CrNiMo6 is a material that consists of nickel and molybdenum. This mainly comes to use as connecting rods or camshafts.

About Sinohss:


Sinohss has been in the field of developing high steel products for a long time now. The professionals working here are experienced and have been developing range of products that are done in accordance with the specifications supplied by the consumer.

by: Mr Hunter Hu

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