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High wet strength toilet paper with multifold feature

China, March 13, 2014: Paper is one of the earliest inventions of humans. Despite incredible advancement by humans in the fields of science and technology, the humble paper has not lost its utility and significance. In fact, people have rather come to use paper in more ways and for more purposes than it was ever used previously. Tissue papers that are used as napkins for various purposes are one of the types of papers that are manufactured and sold today. Dong Guan Vision Paper Company produces varieties of paper to ensure adequate supply for different utilities of it. One undeniable and unavoidable use of tissue papers is in toiletries. Companies like Dong Guan are the reason behind how peacefully people can maintain standard hygiene in any part of the world.

People know that toilet papers are not just regular papers. Regular papers that are used for writing are less absorbent than hand towel paper with high wet strength like those produced by Vision Paper. The company produces centre pull towels and papers that are made of 100% soft and soluble virgin pulp. Roll paper towel are made of 600` virgin pulp. Since paper towels are used not only in toilets but at dining tables, in vehicles, by doctors and other professionals, they need to be produced differently as well as contained smartly. That is why Dong Guan packs paper towels in different kinds of packets. Thus, a piece can be easily taken out or a stretch can be torn easily irrespective of the situation of the user.

Eco-friendliness is the much talked and discussed topic of the current century so far. Paper is made of pulp and the process directly or indirectly leads to deforestation. Though one tree can be used to produce lots of paper, it is loss to natural environment. Amidst booming urbanisation, saving every tree is vital. Vision Paper has the vision for a better world where paper will be available for every purpose for which it can be used yet the process will not affect ecology of the Earth. Production of recycled jumbo toilet paper is a massive step towards the realisation of the goal. The method of recycling used papers significantly reduces the requirement of original pulp. The process has chain reaction and deforestation due to paper continues to lower.

As far as utility is concerned, multifold hand towel paper produced by Dong Guan deserves mention. Such foldable towels and napkins are compact because they occupy very small room but unfold into considerable-sized towels. Thus, they are suitable for backpackers and business tours. In both the cases, essential goods are to be packed without considerably increasing luggage.

About Dong Guan Vision Paper Company:


Dong Guan Vision Paper Company is a Chinese manufacturing firm that involved production of paper towels and napkins. The company was established in 2007 and caters to global market by exporting up to 100% of its production. The company expands its business through its efficient and approachable query-reply system.

by: Kaitlin Heart

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