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How To Get Rid Of Sleepless Nights With Herbal Insomnia Remedies

Sleeplessness is related to mental illness where 50 percent of adults suffering from insomnia suffer from some kind of mental problem and 90 percent with depression suffer from sleeplessness. The problem creates a loop leading to anxiety, depression and fatigue. Poor sleep reduces mental ability to handle pressure and impacts negatively on the ways we react to difficult situations. A clinical test found people who overcame depression after a psychological treatment may suffer from insomnia, and may, recurrently, develop depression in later ages. Study on 1149 patients with mental illness found the treatment for insomnia improved their mental state and reduced the incidence of depression. To prevent depression, one needs to know how to get rid of sleepless nights?

Stress causes changes in blood flow to mind and lead to scarring of lung tissues and this can lead to Parkinson. What is the impact of oxidative stress on brain and how to get rid of sleepless nights by reducing oxidative stress? Oxidative stress where oxygen goes to brain but waste residue is not leaving the brain causes sleep disorders, which can be prevented by taking Aaram capsules. In herbal insomnia remedies Bacopa Monnieri is one of the ingredients of the capsules, which can reduce anxiety. It reacts with the serotonergic system and dopamine regulation to help to promote neuron communication and improve the growth of nerve endings. It has anti-inflammatory effects and can protect nerve cells from inflammation caused by aging, normally, due to the presence of steroidal saponins. Its effect is equivalent to 58 mcg vitamin E in controlling such oxidation.

What are other ingredients and how to get rid of sleepless nights using such remedies? Properties of some of the plant-extracts in the capsules are mentioned below-

The bio-compound triethylene glycol in the herbal insomnia remedies e.g. Aaram capsules in herb Ashwagandha can promote sleep quality and there are other benefits of using the herb as it can reduce inflammation and cure neurological disorders. It improves white blood cell count and enhances flow of phyto chemicals- lactones and alkaloids.

Valeriana wallichii contains compound Valepotriates that works as sedative and it can inhibit enzyme related breakdown of the GABA in the brain to induce sleep.

Terminalia Arjuna improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and pulse rate. The herbal extract helps to relax brain. It was tested in laboratory on rats where the herb extract protected mouse heart from sodium fluoride related oxidative stress. The bark extract of the herb prevented isoprenaline (which causes fibrosis responsible for oxidative stress that leads to cardiac hypertrophy where the heart weight increases) induced oxidative stress.

Pinctada Margaritifera is another ingredient in such herbal insomnia remedies, which can reduce stress to promote sleep. Clinical trials on humans who took the powder of the extract suffered from fewer headaches and irritability, and had improved sleep duration and sleep quality. Another clinical trial where 90 patients were given a dose of 500 mg of the Pinctada powder for 30 days reported a reduction in average systolic blood pressure which dropped from 161mmHg to 139 mmHg(by 15 percent), whereas, diastolic blood pressure dropped from 96 to 84.6 mmHg (by 13 percent).

Read about Aaram capsules at Natural Herbal Sleep Aid Supplements. Also know about Natural Herbal Cures for Insomnia. Read about Herbal Sleep Aid Pills Reviews.

by: Conrad Jabari

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