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How the Blinding New Airwheel Electric Scooters Changes Lives

The environmental problems have aroused the awareness of people nowadays. The fresh air is polluted by the car emission, and river is dirty for the factories illegally discharge wastewater. Airwheel now provides a solution. People are chasing for a more intelligent and convenient life, with the development of science and technology. Airwheel is also devoted to improving people’s living standards. Airwheel electric scooters A3, M3, and S6, are your best choice!

A3 for long-distance travellers

Before the release of Airwheel A3, people are anxious about the tiredness brought by the traditional intelligent scooters, which need riders to stand for the whole process. For people who live far away from their companies, it is unpractical to ride intelligent scooter, though it is very eco-friendly and doesn’t produce any air pollution. Then, Airwheel A3 two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter changes everything. The adoption of the sitting-posture mode makes the long-distance travelling possible and brings a more convenient and comfortable trip. Therefore, people are more likely to choose Airwheel intelligent scooters and contribute to the green life.

M3 for adventure lovers

Adventure lovers liked skateboarding at a high speed and use different tactics to chase passion and entertainment, but the traditional skateboards are too exhausted and dangerous. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 makes the skateboarding dream come true. As a powerful skateboard with Sony battery and Cheng Shin Tire, M3 can conquer any terrains, so users can skateboard to anywhere they want safely.

S6, your mini choice

Airwheel S6 provides you a more flexible and agile riding experience, by outfitting with the exquisite a small round design, whose radius is only 20cm. Airwheel S6 perfectly combines the sitting-posture model and the standing-posture model, making the riding experience more exciting and diverse. Though S6 has a mini body, its battery and motor is no essential difference to any other models and riders will never be worried about running out of electricity and easily conquer any terrains.


Established in 2004, Airwheel Technology was initiated by a group of pioneers who took constant adventure to reshape the world with edged technology. With a global view, the U.S.-based enterprise started to build since its establishment R&D centers located in L.A., Beijing, and Changzhou, a marketing center in Beijing and a manufacturing center in Changzhou. As the leader in global portable intelligent transport industry, we have been dedicated to extend the fun and benefit of cutting-edge technology to everywhere in the world.

Media Contact:
Company Name: Airwheel Technology Holding Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr Tang
Phone: +8618861270200
Address: FL9 Zhongchuang,396 Tongjiang Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

by: Mr Tang

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