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How to Calculate the Flow of Household Taps

Household Taps Sale can be said as very common hardware accessories which we live in an integral part of our home life as an accessory. But a lot of people will ask how to calculate the flow household tap, here we would like to introduce the calculation method of household water flow, we hope to be able to help you to know the home taps flow calculation.

Water flow and LED Taps , the greater the pressure flow is larger, to 4 in 1.5cm diameter calculation, 1KG pressure is 9 liters/sec around flow, 3KG pressure is 15.8 liters/sec around flow, 6KG pressure is 31.77 liters/sec. Usually the calculation of unit time water taps pipe flow is the pressure of tap is 0.1 0.6Mpa, about 13M/s velocity. Usually take 0.3Mpa 1.5m/s velocity calculation. The formula is: the flow velocity = pipe cross-sectional area.

Summary: we use Bathroom Accessory in daily life should pay more attention to remember to turn off the taps, otherwise it will cause a lot of waste, after reading this article, hope can help everyone to know how to calculate the flow of household taps and how to reasonable use Kitchen Taps to avoiding the waste of water.

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by: kateuktaps

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