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How to Cure Hard Bowel Movement with Herbal Constipation Remedies

Sluggish bowel problem affects at least 63 million people in US. It is responsible for chronic fatigue and inflammation in gut that becomes a breeding ground for chronic infections and diseases. Smelly gas discharge from mouth indicate bacterial overgrowth or leaky gut, which can weaken the immune system and raise risks of diabetes, infertility, depression, lupus, autism, hypothyroidism, heart diseases etc.

There are many who look healthy but suffer from leaky gut – at least 70 percent with leaky gut suffer from gastro intestinal disorders (involving constipation and diarrhea) and are at a higher risk of contracting chronic health conditions. There are no lifelong cures for such conditions, while, many (including those who do not take doctor’s advice for it) want to get uncomplicated methods to know how to cure hard bowel movement, gastrointestinal difficulties and constipation?

Constipation is not a single condition. It is related to a number of diseases e.g. Autoimmune thyroid disorders can cause such gastrointestinal condition. Overall a reduction in metabolic functions can be observed in people suffering from hypothyroidism where they have sluggish intestinal movement, mild constipation to extreme (paralytic) ileus and chronic obstruction in bowel movement. People with hyperthyroidism suffer from diarrhea and malabsorption. Hence, gastrointestinal manifestations can happen in people with thyroid abnormalities.

The problem of constipation can be metabolic disorder, endocrine disorder, neurological condition or a combination of three. These three conditions can be collectively improved by taking herbal constipation remedies Arozyme capsules. Properties of some of the herbs in the cure are mentioned below-

Cassia Angustifolia offers the safest ways to know how to cure hard bowel movement- as it works as a laxative and is, sometimes, given before colonoscopy. The intake of herb promotes intestinal contraction favoring peristalsis and inducing electrolyte secretions into the colon as well as reducing liquid absorption in the intestinal pathways for improving colonic water content.

The bowel movement number and water content of bowel improved on taking herb Terminalia Chebula that can promote gastric emptying, even in case of stress and drug induced constipation. It is widely used, in case of, poor bowel movement, inflammation and spleen enlargement. It cures nerve disorders and urinary tract infection. It exhibits anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial and hepato protective properties.

It has chemo protective and immuno modulatory properties. It contains alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids and tannic acids. The laboratory tests on rats treated with Terminalia Chebula for constipation showed the intake of the herb increased frequency of bowel motility and contraction of digestive pathways.

Herbal constipation remedies contain Gardenia Gummifera Linn, rich in antioxidants having hepato protective properties. The tests on rats in laboratory showed the herb was able to shorten sleeping time of rats ( poor liver function cause fatigue and sleepiness after taking food, especially, food rich in fats) and was able to decreases liver weight. These herbs cure boating, flatulence, constipation and put off the felling of fullness and sleepiness to provide methods to know how to cure hard bowel movement.

Other ingredients in herbal constipation remedies, Arozyme capsules e.g. Mint, Ferula Foetida, Ptychotis Ajowan, Zingiber Officinale and Sodium Bicarbonate work as antacids and are useful in reducing bloating and gastric damage to intestinal mucosa due to constipation.

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by: Bailey Arthur

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