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How to Easily Repair a Garage Door on Your Own

The garage door itself and the opener plays the most important component of your garage door. You can repair both and his article will help you find the easiest way to resolve simple garage door problems.

Garage Door Repair

An overhead garage door does roll up in sections or swing up in one piece and both operates in spring tension. Each garage door moves on a metal track on a garage wall and the heavily made springs does provide the power. In many cases when garage doors wonít work easily, the type of garage door repairs youíll need are fairly simple and we will discuss that as you read through.

First Step: First locate and check the metal tracks inside the garage door. Locate the mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the walls and if they are loose, try to tighten the bolts and screws found on the brackets. This work mostly involves working inside the garage door and make sure the garage is closed, test the tracks for dents, crimps or flat spots. If any damaged spots are seen, pound them out with a rubber mallet or with a hammer and a block of scrap wood. But if the tracks are found to be badly broken or damaged, you might consider replacing them.

Second Step: Ensure that the tracks with level are properly aligned. For roll up garage doors, tracks with horizontal grid should slant down slightly toward the back of the garage door. Ensure the vertical section of the track should be exactly plumb. Both of these tracks must be at the same height on the garage walls. However if youíll find that the tracks are not properly aligned, try to loosen but donít remove the screws or any bolts that holds the mounting brackets instead, tap the tracks carefully until it goes back to its position. Make sure to recheck the tracks level and ensure itís on the right position. Tightening the screws or the bolts at the mounting brackets is the last thing to do.

There are many Garage door repairs do it yourself articles and advices online you can use for yourself. These are some of the easiest way to repair your garage by yourself. By following some of these tips, it will surely make you save money more or if the damage is just too difficult or unrelated to this, you can always call a garage repair service anywhere nearby. There are many garage door repair company servicing by state and you can try to locate them mostly online. Visit for more information!

by: Stephen Andy

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