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How to Improve Memory Power with Herbal Brain Booster Supplements

Under-active thyroid, vitamin B12 deficiency, diseases of blood vessels, progressive loss of brain cells (due to exposure to toxins), depression, sleeplessness, stress and fatigue are related to poor memory conditions. Younger adults mostly suffer from such kind of memory loss due to stress. Clinical trial on people in age from 18 to 99 found 20 percent of people had memory problems where 14 percent were young adults and 22 percent middle-aged. High blood pressure, obesity and physical inactivity was present in such people. The brain and immune system are interconnected because the sympathetic nerves and the parasympathetic nerves together provide the body with regulated flow of oxygen and this regulates the heart, metabolism and bowel movement. Stress can hamper the functioning of parasympathetic nerves. Another important theory is the gut is second brain and some of the mental disorders such as Parkinson and Alzheimer starts in gut. To know how to improve memory power, gut empowering foods and anti-stress herbal brain booster supplements should be taken.

There are 500 million neurons in enteric nervous system which is found in gut. It produces 50 percent of dopamine and 95 percent serotonin. This has a great impact on body since birth where breast milk promotes serotonin releases and oxytocin and protects from allergies. Toxins in foods (chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives, plastics etc) can trigger immune reactions and this can cause rise in sugar levels. Poor blood flow results in lack of activities in the brain area Ė prefrontal cortex and causes impulsive disorders. It is important to add vitamin B 12 and folate in diet for proper bran health and to know how to improve memory power; metabolism should be improved by using herbal brain booster supplements BrainOBrain capsules.

Nardostachys Jatamansi is one of the herbs used in such capsules which are similar to Bacopa Monnieri in reducing stress and improving cognitive functions. These herbs have nerve-calming and antioxidant effects. Clitoria Ternatea is another herb having neurological benefits. The extracts can improve liver health and promote circulation of lipoprotein and inhibit glucose uptake from diet in diabetics. A study on young rats found the intake of 100 mg of the herb for 30 days was able to increases memory in 30 days. The improvement in memory was due to increase in cholinergic functions. The study on laboratory animals found the intake of herb was able to increase hippocampal acetylcholine by 130 percent to the baseline values and the efficiency of the herb was higher in older rats. These herbs have anti inflammatory effects which prevent brain cell damage due to toxins, chemicals, radiations etc.

Harvardís latest study on brain health states intestinal problems can cause brain issues such as depression and anxiety. BrainOBrain capsules contain herbs which can improve metabolic functions to provide ways to get how to improve memory power.

Celastrus Paniculatus is the herb in herbal brain booster supplements BrainOBrain capsules which improves neurological and intestinal conditions to perk-up cognition. The herb is potent intestine relaxant that promotes digestion and bowel movement, and the relaxant ability is reversible. These herbs donít have harsh impact on gut flora, rather, these can assist to restore gut bacteria to enhance metabolism.

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by: Conrad Jabari

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