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How to better deal with the wear and tear and corrosion of the vacuum pump

China - How to better solve the problem of wear and tear of transmission parts of vacuum pump? This problem is concerned by most of vacuum pump purchasers from EVP VACUUM SOLUTION which is the professional manufacturer for this product.

The engineer from this manufacturer has expressed that the wear and tear of transmission parts should be is a very common problem. These parts include the bearing position, bearing seat, bearing chamber, keyways, thread and other parts. The traditional methods for repairing the vacuum pumps are welding and painting. However, both of these two problems exists drawbacks. The welding method will produce high temperature and the high thermal stress which could easily cause into the material damage, leading to bent or broken conditions. The painting method will be limited by the thickness of the coating surface which will be easy peeling. All of these disadvantages will cause into the wear and tear again.

However, the engineer from EVP Vacuum Technology also provides with people the best method for solving the repairing problem. This method should be the polymer composite repairing method. The Application of polymer materials repairing could help people avoid the removing for machine and the unnecessary processing process. On the other hand, there are also no limitation and problem of welding thermal stress and repair thickness. Furthermore, the polymer materials do not have the characteristic of recoiling of metallic materials and it can totally absorb the shock vibration produced by equipment. This feature could help to greatly extend the life of equipment components for save a lot of down time. That is to say it could create significant economic value.

In addition to the wear and tear of transmission parts, the corrosion should be another seriously problem for the vacuum pump. The corrosion of the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps can be divided into the comprehensive corrosion and localized corrosion. The former sort occurs on the uniform surface of the vacuum pump. The latter only occurs in localized area of the pump such as pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion. However, people could also apply the polymer materials for repairing these corrosion situations. Coating this material on the surface of pump should be very good corrosion resistance measurement. Compared with conventional methods, the application of this method which owns the advantages of simple construction, low cost and good repairing effect will be better than this.

The engineer from EVP Vacuum Technology hope the information which described before could help people get good operation condition of the vacuum pump they will used every day.

About EVP Vacuum Technology

EVP is a full service Company in vacuum engineering, manufacturing and designing aspects. It's been growing into the leading vacuum supplier with it's complete product range, such as, vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, Vacuum systems, vacuum spare parts. EVP Company's corporate vision is to build a reputable brand in vacuum filed around the world.

Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., LTD

by: Willam

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