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Simultaneously with the Information Technology (IT) improvements and innovative communication platforms, there are thousands of new security threats that can interfere with the proper use and development of software, hardware, digital devices, and information networks within a business, a malfunction that can cost a lot to the owners.

Cyber security stands as a basic requirement, now more than ever, with the growth of the IT omnipresent power in the worldwide business and its insertion in daily routines and processes.

Digital information and internal databases are safe nowadays thanks to the improvements of security analysis, authorization, authentication and various more aspects of the IT security. For instance:

Firstly, cloud bases servers. They allow the handling and transmission of critical data over a remote and secure network that can be shared within selective leads and stakeholders of the business. The best allies when it comes to cloud security, according to, are "a cloud-access security broker (CASB), secure Internet gateway (SIG), and cloud-based unified threat management (UTM)."

Due to the nature of some content, many brands are required to process confidential data such as financial information, bank details, social security numbers, and even daily conversations that require special treatment through special servers with high-security measures to ensure their privacy.

Moreover, asymmetric and symmetric Encryption is another popular security method based on cryptography. Brands also are applying rigorous authorization and authentication methods with private keys to their internal and external messages in order to limit the possibility of leaking of information and external intrusion.

Even the most common antivirus software can make a huge difference when trying to keep away different kind of malware, or at least the most common ones like Trojans and worms.

Any kind of business needs to prepare for the worst case scenario with penetration tests and communication crisis manuals.

Finally, Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) are needed when it comes to basic IT common defenses.

Wagner Consulting LLC is a brand that offers IT security as a supplier of multilingual language solutions and content to government agencies, NGOs and worldwide brands where security is important and a key element.

by: Wagner Consulting LLC

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