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Important things to keep in mind for any link building campaigns

Given that fact that backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors for webpage as per Google algorithm, link building campaigns by website owners, rushing to get into the search engine’s first page, are now centred on the latest Google update. A link building campaign needs to give more attention to the quality of the links and not just the quantity as Google now filters pages real time.

Key factors guiding a backlinking campaign:

As a result of the new Penguin update from Google, quality links are in demand. Google has eyes on your page all the time and searches for any unnatural and irrelevant links. Page-based and keyword-based penalties are not a good thing to happen to anyone. Relevant, authoritative, editorial, content-embedded, links with anchor text and co-cited in the content determine whether the link is of high or low quality. If you wish to gain favour with Google’s PageRank Algorithm then your site’s link building campaigns need to be focussed on user experience and relevance.

What you must remember about link building is that the focus should be on acquiring natural or editorial links, such as those attained by high-quality content, apart from link building through Outreach. The granular approach of the advanced algorithm of Google has discounted two things – one, low quality links especially those that are self-created, and two, huge number of irrelevant and non-authoritative links. Building links through email outreach with the help of bloggers and journalists is a very powerful tool in link building campaign.

Content marketing, if done well, pays off. You can use content of various formats like text, image, infographics, video etc. The format can be chosen on the basis of likings and preferences of your target audience. But irrespective of the format used, the content should always provide useful and relevant information to the users. Use unique, relevant and evenly distributed data and research statistics in your content that makes it interesting to the readers.

Ensure that the content is comprehensive in its information. Judge your content as the reader. Is it relevant? Is it informative or just a sales page? If you are not satisfied with the reply you get, then there’s work to do. Consolidate it with relevant social networking and PR activity. This adds weight to your website’s SEO strategy and makes your backlinking campaign look perfectly natural. It is important to mention here that the developed content should be original and not copied from any other sources as Google penalizes heavily for duplicate content and your page rank may fall drastically. There are software available where you can check the originality of the content.

So, link building campaigns require an SEO agency to be aware of all the latest trend and updates. They should use different digital assets to their advantage to acquire natural links. To feature in Google’s ranking, the key is to make a genuine effort in getting backlinks. The days of shortcut are over - should you wish to be successful in your link building campaign, be legit in your endeavours.

Resource Box: To run a successful link building campaign it is important to know the guiding factors. Information about these factors ensures that link building campaigns achieve their objective.

by: Gina Malot

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