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Industrial Hose Assembly Components and Accessories

FlexFit Hose LLC is a leading supplier of top quality and durable industrial hose, hose fitting, tubing, Accessories and related products. We offer custom made products for Hoses, Braided Hose, Metal Hose, Sanitary Flexible Hose and Chemical Hose available in a range from 1/4" to 1" hose. Whether you need top quality every style and type of All Metal Hose Assembly and Stainless Steel Braided Oxygen Hose for industrial application, you have come to the right site. Not only are we offer PTFE hoses, but we also provide high-pressure smooth bore and rubber covered hose assemblies of all kinds from a standard braided, medium, to ultra-high pressure hoses at the most reasonable prices.

If you are searching for the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial hose products in Baltimore, MD, your search ends at FlexFit Hose LLC. Industrial hoses are used in a variety of industrial fabrication and delivery areas such as petroleum, chemical, Hydraulic and more. We are reliable industrial Hose manufacturer that offers the highest quality hoses, tubing, valves, hose covers, gaskets, Adapters, Sanitary Clamps and fitting solutions. We take pride in producing valuable products and accessories to the best customer satisfaction.

We provide many different types of hose include metal, rubber, composite, PTFE and fabric. When it comes to choosing the right hose for your project, we can suggest you. The decision of which hose type to purchase depends on the purpose for which the hose is being used. We give a variety of options to select the best hose assembly, tubing and related accessories for your industry needs. When it comes to choosing quality PTFE Hose suppliers, manufactures and experts, FlexFit Hose LLC is only the one name that comes into focus. If you are looking for flexible and durable chemical Hose Assembly, Buy quality PTFE hose products and related accessories from manufacturers at FlexFit Hose. For more information, visit us at!!

by: FlexFit Hose LLC

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