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Internet Entrepreneur Has Specific Niche Business

Atlanta, Georgia – For most SEO companies, they do not have a single company or organization they work for.  Instead, their goal is to reach as many companies, organizations and groups as possible because after all, it means a better profit at the end of the day.

Some businesses will be shortchanged in the process.  To that end, Montina Portis decided to specialize her SEO business in a specific field – attorneys and legal practices.

Portis and Creative Internet Authority have extensive experience with SEO for attorneys and law practices.  Using a set of specialized SEO techniques and solutions, Portis has found the best possible way to potential clients to find specific attorneys quickly and easily.

"The legal field can be very diverse or very specialized.  Regardless of the practice, we help attorneys and their practices.  For larger cities like Atlanta, the field is very competitive.  Our proven system helps get practices to that first page on search engines," said Portis.

Portis and Creative Internet Authority offer some of the best services in the industry such as:

- Specific targets to match client needs to appropriate attorneys.
- The best possible ranking on search engines, especially on Google.
- More potential clients, more revenue and expanded business.

"All SEO follows the same basic paradigm of strategy, on and off-site SEO and analysis.  Each attorney practice is different, so we tailor our business to the individual practice.  This is what sets us apart," said Portis.

All sites are updated with the newest and best SEO architecture.  This means tags, meta descriptions, linking structures, keywords and other specific tools to ensure the high rankings attorney practices need.  There is also SEO techniques off-site, such as social networking and linking to legal directories.

"Most of what we do goes on behind the scenes.  All the attorneys and practices care to see is the bottom line, and this is what we deliver time and time again," said Portis.

More information, including a free classified report on marketing strategies, visit Creative Internet Authority

Creative Internet Authority, LLC
Montina Portis, Founder

by: Montina Portis

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