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James expressed his dissatisfy to the new NBA short sleeve playing jersey

USA - Recently, the famous cheap jerseys online supplier has release the interesting news about the uncomfortable wearing feeling of LeBron James who wore the new published short-sleeved NBA jersey to play against San Antonio.

In the game between San Antonio and Miami, the players of two contestants all wore the new released short-sleeved jersey with the Latin theme. Apparently, Miami's LeBron James did not like this newly sleeved NBA jersey. He also said that his shooting performance had been largely affected by this awesome short sleeve jersey and he would rather wear the normal cheap jerseys online to play this match.

"Every time I want to shot the basketball, the short sleeves will pull my arm," James said, "It makes me unable to fix my shot direction in the shooting process."

In the game between the San Antonio and Miami, James taken 18 shots and got 6 times which should be the worst performance of James since 2011. Taking into account that he also broke the personal single-game record for three-point shot against the Bobcats few days ago, maybe the cheap nfl jerseys with short sleeve really limited the performance of this great basketball player who was the winner of the MVP at last season.

"I'm not interested in whether the short-sleeved jersey will be sold hot or not." James said when the interviewer asked him about the issue about the sales volume of this new published jersey. However, there is the good news for him. Under the arrangement Union, Miami will wear the short-sleeved shirt in the rest games of the season.

On the other hand, Wade also agree about James' saying about the badly impact of short-sleeved shirts. "I hope we do not wear short sleeves jersey anymore but we cannot take this as an excuse for our playing performance." Wade said.

The player who was undoubtedly the most resourceful one should be the San Antonio's Ginobili. He said:" All of us really need some time to adapt this jersey. I wear a larger size of jersey to adapt to this problem."

In addition to the problem jersey, another most attentively issue of for everyone should be James's mask in the playing process of the game. In this game against with San Antonio, James has stayed off the mask which he had worn it for three games. However, he determined to wear this mask again after this game as his wound on the face was not healed better enough.

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by: Jacob Willam

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