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Keep your holidays healthy with Richmond Wellness Holiday Program

Want to stay active, healthy, and fit during the holidays? It can be difficult to balance the time to stay active when life gets so busy this time of the year. How can you make it happen this time around?
We all experience the business of the holidays. Many people do not stay active during the holiday season. It can be difficult to exercise when you have time commitments with family, friends and other social activities. How can you still continue to make time for yourself while handling these commitments?
I’m offering a program to help you do it this year!
This is a 6-week program that will take you into the new year strong! It includes:
•Weekly in-studio workout sessions (frequency dependent upon your availability)
•Full exercise plan (custom-created for your fitness level, resources, and goals)
•Nutrition guidance (based on your current habits and lifestyle)
•Accountability (to hold you to what we mutually agree upon = accomplishing your goals)

Your exercise plan and nutrition guidance is catered specifically to your life, schedule, fitness level, and goals. (No cookie-cutter programs here - this is made just for YOU). Would you like to know precisely what it takes to get to your goals, without having to manufacture your entire life around it? Did you know it could be possible to increase your health, fitness, and wellness within the lifestyle that you currently live? Did you ever consider that you can gain ground in these areas DURING the holidays, versus solely afterwards?
Perhaps best of all - I help to keep you accountable to the plan that we create together! I provide step-by-step planning and accountability for the goals that we set together - specific, measureable goals that are important to you.
I welcome your questions. Reach out to me for more information and to explore if this would be a good fit for you! I take all of my prospective clients through what I call an "exploratory session"do just that - to explore whether we are a fit to work together towards your health, fitness, and wellness goals!
Aubrey Eicher
Owner, Holistic Personal Trainer
Richmond Wellness | 804-367-3589 phone

by: Aubrey Eicher

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