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Kimra Bettasso Announces DIY Craft Plans for Kids

Kimra Bettasso, a craft and DIY blogger, is announcing the implementation of a host of new DIY craft plans designed specifically for kids. Available just in time for summer break, the craft plans will be featured on Bettasso’s website, . While the majority of the projects Bettasso plans to introduce are geared toward beginners, she notes that there will be several advanced projects available and that the rollout plan will be arranged in such a way that beginners can build on the skills they learn as they go along.

"I am very excited to get started on these wonderful projects and DIY craft plans for kids," says Bettasso. "I will be posting a new project every few days, and while anyone can jump in at any point or cherry-pick a project they would like to try, the order of arrangement is such that new DIYers will have a chance to learn and develop the most important crafting skills through our 2015 plan."

In addition to the new craft plans for kids, Bettasso is also announcing she will be introducing collaborative projects that are ideal for parents and children to do together. These projects are a bit more complex and may be most ideal for older kids or kids who have previous DIY experience, but Bettasso believes that the help of a parent will be more than enough to make these projects enjoyable for all experience levels. She does note, however, that the projects require an additional set of hands, so they truly require collaboration.

"To me, there are few things better than sharing in the creation of something with a family member or friend," says Bettasso. "The collaborative projects are not necessarily difficult, but they are complicated enough that two people really are necessary to successfully complete the project."

Brandon Hopkins
AfterHim Media LLC
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by: Brandon Hopkins

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