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In the digital world, there is nothing more important than data. Live chat provides an additional layer of data which augments our existing tracking and attribution tools. The data which you receive differs according to the platform.

In general live chat tells you about:

Referring links:
These are the links that direct the customer to your website. You can use them to filter what your customers are looking for and to initiate if they require any help if they havenít initiated the conversation yet.

Operating system and device:
This information tells you as to which operating system and device your customer is on. You can also upgrade and tailor your support according to the technology your customer is enjoying and even promote significant products or services too.

Active or idle:
Live chat can also help you to find out what your customer is currently doing- whether he is idle or reading pages or anything else!

Time spent on the website:
With live chat, you can also have the knowledge for how long the customer has been at your page. If he has been browsing for some time and if he requires some help or has just moved in.

The number of visits:
Live chat can tell you how many times the customer has been at your site or is there any new visitor. There may be repeat visitors who might be checking the status of the product or a service. This also sets a good opportunity for the live chat agents to start a proactive chat with the customer.

The number of chats:
This enlightens your chat agent as to whether he is there for the first time or has he been previously served by your agents.

You can also locate the customerís city and the country as to where he is chatting from using the customers IP address.

Live chat enhances the customersí experience and is great for your business too.

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by: Surabhi Joshi

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