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A majority of the businesses around the globe rely on live chat services for providing an impeccable customer experience. But what about the rest? Well, they are probably clinging to the live chat myths that have been prevailing in their niche for quite a long time now!

Yes! There are certain myths related to the highly efficacious live chat service that hold back the business owners from using a live chat service for their customer support endeavours. Here are the most common ones:

Live chat requires the chat agents to be available 24/7:
Though a 24/7 live chat assistance would drive in immense profits if used, itís not really important that you need your staff to be there 24/7. There are a number of ways of making it convenient for the website visitors to avail your assistance. You can simply mention your live chat hours in a highly visible area on your website. This would make it clear to the visitors as to when they can contact you for their query resolution. Alternately, you can configure offline messages to display when your agents arenít available so that no lead generation opportunities are missed.

Live chat is not secure:
This is one of the most common live chat myths that makes the businesses reluctant to employ it despite all the benefits it provides. Opposed to whatís thought of it, live chat service is highly secure owing to its features like end-to-end HTTPS, IP restrictions, and data protection rules that abide by PCI compliance requirements. Moreover, live chat allows the customers and chat agents to share important documents chat window itself. This further makes it the most convenient and secure medium for file exchange.

Live chat responses are provided by the robots:
Thatís a very common perception that the website visitors availing a live chat service have. They often feel that the responses they receive are automated and that the one behind these responses is a machine. Thatís the reason why live chat agents have to strive hard to inject a personal touch into all the responses. A live chat assistance is undoubtedly powered by highly skilled live chat agents who strive to resolve customer queries as quickly as possible.

Live chat is costly and hard to implement:
This is yet another popular and highly believed myth out of all the live chat myths. Live chat is not at all hard to implement. In fact, it is as easy as registering and installing a code! You can simply have it up and running within a few minutes. Also, the fact that itís costly is a pure myth. It is a one time investment that focuses on an overall brand experience. The benefits it provides include increased customer satisfaction, boosted sales, a growing loyal customer base and so on. If you decide to invest into a live chat service the bottom line is sure to follow.

Itís very important that all businesses know the facts and do not blindly follow these myths to stay ahead of the competition.

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by: Surabhi Joshi

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