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Localization services include much more than a high-quality translation. The art of translating into a target language is just the top of the iceberg when a brand decides to interact with international business partners. There are many cultural and social habits and norms that can influence the target audiences' perception. That is why organizations need to offer adaptable content to each particular market.

With the boom of the Digital Era, any type of brand can achieve a global presence, as they have available different powerful communication vehicles these days. Nevertheless, the idea goes far beyond than just generating a massive message. It is needed to understand where to send it, why and, when, as well as to respect the way things work in each society. Localization is related to develop empathy with target audiences and to wear their shoes when transmitting a message.

A real user experience, valuable for both brands and stakeholders, can only be achieved when an organization is empathic with its public, internal and external, local and foreign.
Localization can be crucial in understanding a foreign target audience's conscience, interest, evaluation, test and adoption of a product or service. That's where a localization professional steps in.

A document adaptation cannot be done by any bi
lingual person. A cultural consistent and relevant message can only be assured by high-quality localization professionals, which are also specialists in particular fields so they can efficiently support brands to expand their campaigns to external target audiences that may not share the same culture, values and other aspects.

WI Communications localization services are the solution to any type of site. Their diverse and skilled team have experience in graphics and layout adaptation to the target audiences, the use of local formats or dates an addresses, and many more. Moreover, WI Communications is a brand expert on modifying content according to habits or cultural norms so that the content feels native to locals.

by: WI

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