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Lawn Partner announces three new Lawn service in North Tampa

Florida, USA; 28, August 2017: Lawn Partner, a lawn service company that has been operating in Lutz and Land O Lakes Florida for the last 10 years have announced that they are offering three new services. In addition to Lutz and Land O Lakes Lawn service will also be offered in North Tampa.

The first new service is Mow & Go where Lawn Partner will cut customers grass and leave the trimming and edging to the customer. This service was requested by customers who just want their lawn cut on occasions when they are on vacation, on a business trip or just too busy attending sports activities with their kids. Lawn Partner prides itself on using sharp mower blades that keep lawns healthy. Dull mower blades tear the grass and encourage disease.

Another frequent request was to replace mower blades on home owners self propelled mowers, garden tractors and even ZTRs. Most believe that DIYers have experienced the difficulty and safety risks when changing blades on their own mowers. Lawn Partner visits customers homes, installs new mower blades using a commercial mower lift and for extra safety uses automotive type jack stands.

The third new service is mobile mower blade sharpening and is mostly targeted at commercial lawn service operators who typically have multiple blades that need sharpening. It is usually less expensive to replace one or two blades from a home owner mower.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Stan Moroch
Company: Lawn Partner
Phone: 813-363-9298

by: Stan Moroch

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