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Leading Australian Digital Solutions Brand Launches a New SEO Specialist

SEO Brisbane is a search engine optimisation service launched by Webgator, one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies in Australia. They focuses primarily on businesses in the Brisbane, QLD area. SEO Brisbane’s goal is to assist businesses in ranking high on search engines such as Google by utilising link building, on-page SEO techniques and helping business owners recover from penalties placed on their websites.

SEO Brisbane offers a number of different search engine optimisation services. The most popular are as follows:

- Penalty Recovery - Websites that have a strike against them rank poorly on search engines. SEO Brisbane seeks to remove those penalties by finding the source of what has caused it.

- Link Building - SEO Brisbane helps clients build quality backlinks that are relevant to their products and website. These ethical linking methods are appreciated by both marketers and search engines due to their natural growth and zero chance of being flagged.

- On-Page SEO - SEO Brisbane believes that the backbone of a successful SEO campaign lies within its on-page SEO. This is done by optimising the site architecture, performance of content, metadata, HTML tags and schema markup.

- SEO Doctor - SEO Brisbane offers an SEO Doctor service that attempts to diagnose potential SEO issues and offers treatments to remedy mistakes and problematic areas.

"Choosing SEO BRISBANE as our marketing consultant was one of the best decisions we made. They were professional, had great online marketing ideas." Steve P, Client of SEO Brisbane

SEO Brisbane focuses on a three-step strategy that has been extensively researched and tested.

- Keyword Strategy - SEO Brisbane works together with clients to determine suitable keywords for their business. This is done by looking at search terms that are relatable to the client and by examining which products are the most profitable.

- Technical SEO - Once keyword data has been collected, SEO Brisbane compiles it for analysis and crafts a strategy based on several factors: keyword data, structure and history of the client’s website. The client’s site is then optimized by using this personalized set of data.

- Scalable Link Building - Lastly, SEO Brisbane focuses on using their largest network of reputable link sources that can be scaled up to rank virtually any website or subject.

SEO Brisbane calculates pricing based on the scale and length of the campaign. Competition in the client’s industry or chosen cities is also taken into consideration which is why they do not offer a pricing scale upfront. Campaign lengths are also flexible and can be modified at will by the client.

About SEO Brisbane

SEO Brisbane is a new brand owned and operated by Webgator Pty Ltd. SEO Brisbane has been in the industry for over a decade and has worked in a variety of different markets. SEO Brisbane was launched to offer dedicated SEO solutions to businesses in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Several companies have already achieved top rankings in Brisbane, Sydney and other cities and towns in Australia. SEO Brisbane strongly believes in honesty and ethics in their work by focusing on long-term profit goals instead of keyword rankings.

Bunny Norng
Company: SEO Brisbane
Address: 4-6 Pheasant Ct, Heritage Park, QLD 4118 Australia
Phone: 07 3181 4322

by: Bunny Norng

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