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Learn More about Group Decision Making

Managers shouldnít make all the decisions alone, as this can be overwhelming and most of the times unproductive. An efficient strategy should involve group decision making that spreads responsibility for the decision between an increased number of participants. Group thinking is much more efficient than individual thinking and the more people you involve in the decision making process the better results you will obtain. Collaborative work provides several advantages, enabling people to share their opinions, generate ideas and correct mistakes. Indeed, teamwork is extremely effective and it should be used for making decisions.

To begin with, group decision making facilitates greater knowledge, greater skills, creative approach, shared responsibility and higher commitment. People involved in making decisions have differing experience, knowledge, point of view and values and each of them will contribute to this process. Also, regardless of how qualified an individual is he cannot reach a complex goal by himself. A team of people will join forces; it has a variety of skills and will deliver extraordinary results. This process enables people to be innovative, to take more risks and to be committed when it comes to implementing the decision.

Nowadays you can rely on specialized software that is designed to amplify the advantages of group thinking and to reduce the weak points. The purpose of decision making tools is to offer people a common ground that enables them to create ideas and to find a suitable work method. Teamwork is highly beneficial and its main role is to help the participants to reach a consensus. Also, it is important to learn how to finalize a decision; your options are unanimous agreement, unanimity minus one or two votes, super majority thresholds, simple majority, executive committee decides or the person-in-charge decides.

When it comes to group decision making, it is important to make the final decision by taking into consideration the efforts of the whole group. If you reject the proposals of the group, the entire process is useless. Unlike top-down decision making that is often difficult to understand, group decisions are more productive, as they address all potential concerns, they include and respect all parties and they generate agreement. You can overcome the challenges of decision making by learning how to include your employees in this process.
Managers are trained to solve problems, set goals and plan actions, but what most of them donít know is that they donít have to do this on their own. It is important to avoid making decisions by lack of response, by authority rule or by minority rule because they will affect the productivity of your employees whether you are aware of it or not. You can change the way you make decisions, you can focus on innovative, successful methods, use efficient software and make this a collaborative, enjoyable process. Team work will not disappoint you and it will contribute to the success of your organization.

Do you want to improve decision management within your organization and to have the possibility of accessing information about previous decisions? If the answer is yes, you should learn more about group decision making and the advantages it offers. The good news is that we have decision making tool that can considerably simplify things for you.

by: Gail Black

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