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Lectrifi Limited Advances Wireless Charging Capabilities as Demand

(1888 PressRelease) Lectrifi Limited, the leading developer of wireless power transfer (WPT) solutions, has confirmed its intentions to further enhance its R&D efforts to improve the wireless charging capabilities across a number of electronically wearable devices.

Demand for wearable devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers and medical sensors continue to grow at a steady rate. However, as charging, aesthetic and data processing limitations prevent wider scale consumer acceptance, wearables remain dependent on technological advancements as consumers begin to integrate devices as part of their mobile lifestyles.

"There is a great convenience and practical benefit to wearing devices on our person. As technologies improve consumers will adapt this convenience at a more rapid rate than the wearables industry has experienced so far," commented Lectrifiís Chief Technology Officer.

"We are working on a number of innovations that will act as a catalyst as demand for wearables begins to gather momentum. Specifically, in the medical field, our technologies are creating a network whereby patient data is sent from a wearable device and processed to automate care delivery functions across a number of applications," he continued.

In other areas of the wearables industry, adaptation of smartwatch devices has failed to gain expected levels of traction as reports indicate that shipments of smart watch products declined towards the end of 2016.

"Smart watches present developers and manufacturers with the largest potential to capitalize on the wearables industry. Up until now, consumer surveys indicate that available technologies do not provide the levels of convenience to warrant an additional device on top of others such as the smart phone."

"The market is now moving towards a preference whereby smart watches perform independently from smart phones. Presently, smart watches are reliant on a connection to another device. Until sharing and data transfer technologies are able to remove this reliance, we do not expect to see the same wide scale level of acceptance as the industry experienced with smart phones."

In a world where the Internet of Things plays a huge part in the development of advancing lifestyles, Lectrifi believes that the evolution and adaptation of technologies remains heavily dependent on the wireless charging capabilities of devices.

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