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Liferay portal unity in diversity

When an enterprise is searching for a portal solution, it is very important that the solution addresses business complexities such as customer engagement and employee productivity. On one hand, it should be able to impart consistent look and feel to the organizationís information needs; on the other hand, it should serve as a one stop solution to manage highly diverse sources and end users of information. It goes without saying that a business should face minimal disruptions while migrating to an enterprise portal software; the software has to be agile and flexible enough to integrate with the clientís internal or 3rd party applications which may include ECM (Alfresco, Documentum), BPM (Intalio), ERP (SAP), CRM (Salesforce, SugarCRM) and 3rd party gamification engines such as Bunchball Nitro, Badgeville and Gamify.

A major concern for businesses in adopting information technology-based solutions is that even when they find it efficient and reliable, they have to continuously depend on the proprietary software vendor and since the management of most businesses face technical difficulty in managing an information technology-based solution on their own, such a one-way dependence on a vendor makes the choice of vendor a key decision. In such a climate, open source solutions are finding favor with enterprises: they do not create dependence on a specific vendor giving organizations more freedom of choice in their choice of implementation.

Liferay portals have become a preferred open source portal solution for enterprises because they carry the dual advantage of having open sourceís freedom and flexibility and yet having refined features that give similar or even better performance than proprietary solutions. In fact, the uptake of Liferay-based intranet and portal solutions among enterprises is so huge that leading analysts like Gartner have confirmed in their research papers that open source has well and truly arrived in the enterprise portal business and that the future of enterprise software lies with open source solutions. One way open source-based Liferay works better is due to the freedom it offers to build customized user interfaces to simplifies the process. This means with the right Liferay consultancy partner, an organization will get user interfaces that are truly customized which their employees will find easy to use. Liferay has been built for such end user benefits. A Liferay based solution has a dedicated system for integrating systems and the end users can play around a single, easy-to-use interface.

The true power of Liferay can only be delivered by an experienced, world class Liferay consulting service partner. That way you will be able to fully reap the bountiful fruits of an amazing open source portal solution. You can know more at

by: Nathan Sandler

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