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Los Angeles Mediation Expert Claims Local Court System Still in Chaos

Budget cuts to Los Angeles County’s court system continue to plague its effectiveness while prompting a rising interest in private based alternatives. Michael H. White, a Los Angeles based attorney who specializes in alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, points to budget cuts several years back as the impetus for continuing problems with Los Angeles County's civil court system. As a consequence [the field of mediation]( has steadily risen in popularity as more and more people become aware of their options to settle cases without having to involve a court, a judge or a jury. According to Mr. White, at this time €œtoo few individuals realize that their disputes can be resolved through private means let alone that mediation is oftentimes a more cost effective option than litigation. Courts, especially here in Los Angeles County, being underfunded and understaffed, are forced to drag out the process longer than the individuals involved in the dispute would prefer. Whether it be family issues such as divorce or even disagreements over contracts, those types of cases could be handled for less cost and resolved much quicker by working in a private setting such as with an alternative dispute resolution specialist. It's very frustrating for people to have to rely on a system that is unable to do its job, and it's unfortunate that so many people are unaware that there are better options at their disposal. It's certainly a good sign that more and more people are discovering alternatives, but with the current state I expect interest in private mediation to continue to rise." While not everyone will find the answer they are looking for with alternative dispute resolution, those that wish to preserve their relationships beyond their dispute's outcome or who want to avoid the time and expense of the traditional process most likely have nothing to lose, especially in a county low on resources with not very much else to offer. Michael H. White Law Offices of Michael H. White 11024 Balboa Blvd. #615 Granada Hills CA 91344 Granada Hills United States

by: Michael H White Law Offices of Michael H White

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