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MICROJIG unveils new ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 11, 2019) – MICROJIG, the leader in table saw accessories, has unveiled its latest innovation – the ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit.

The new kit combines the precision and ease of the company’s ZEROPLAY Miter Bars with the MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware to create the most versatile sled in the workshop, allowing woodworkers to make accurate, safe crosscuts with a table saw. The ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit includes one ZEROPLAY Miter Bar and the new MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety Pack.

Building a sled with the ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit is fast and requires minimal materials. To create a custom sled, simply cut plywood to size, route dovetail grooves with a ½-inch, 14-degree dovetail bit and install the ZEROPLAY Miter Bar.

With ZEROPLAY’s one touch calibration, woodworkers can fill the full width of the miter slot without side-to-side movement, and the dovetail grooves allow users to set the fence at any angle with the MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware. No matter at which angle a person is cutting, the ZEROPLAY Miter Bar keeps the sled parallel to the blade at all times. The kit can also be used with MICROJIG’S MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps to give woodworkers even more control and precision, especially for tricky cuts.

"MICROJIG thinks very deeply about the product experience’" said Henry Wang, Founder of MICROJIG. "The ZEROPLAY 360 Sled gives you a complete range of cutting angles when most sleds are fixed or limited in range. It gives you 360-degrees in cutting capacity and unlimited scale for material size."

MICROJIG is passionate about safety and creating the most innovative products for its users. The company has multiple number-one selling products at retailers worldwide, including: The ZEROPLAY Miter Bar, GRR-RIPPER, MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps, MICRODIAL Tapering Jig and MJ SPLITTER.

As a part of its commitment to safety, MICROJIG is on a mission to end table saw injuries by 2020. The company has launched a donation program to give its original GRR-RIPPER to every public high school in the U.S. with a Woods Manufacturing and Construction CTE program.

Like many MICROJIG products, the ZEROPLAY 360 Sled Kit is made in the U.S., backed by an extended three-year warranty and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

For more information about MICROJIG, visit

About MICROJIG, Inc.
MICROJIG, the No. 1 brand and product leader in table saw accessories and safety, has been introducing innovative solutions to the woodworking industry for more than 15 years. The company aims to make it safer and more intuitive for people to succeed at their passions and build their dreams. The company was started in 2001 in an Orlando, Florida, garage by Henry Wang, a woodworking hobbyist who knew there had to be a smarter, safer way to complete his projects. Since the release of the original GRR-RIPPER, the company has grown to offer seven distinct product lines serving 20 countries and continues to engineer innovative solutions. Several of MICROJIG’s products are No. 1 best sellers on Amazon and are featured in major retailers like Home Depot, Menards, Walmart, Woodcraft and Rockler. The company is on a mission to end all table saw injuries by 2020. For more information about MICROJIG, or to find a retailer, visit

Media contact
Will Wellons
Wellons Communications

by: Will Wellons

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