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MP4 to WMV Converter for Fast and Easy Conversion

Anybody looking to play music files on their windows media player can make use of this MP4 to WMV converter that does the job exactly as mentioned.

It is free of cost and comes with a user friendly interface that has very few options which are quite easy to understand and makes it a suitable software application for anybody with or without a huge experience with computers. The conversion is really fast and the application does not take a lot of disk space, hence not affecting the system performance.

The conversion process can be completed with a few simple clicks and output quality is of really good quality. One may use it for batch conversion as well which saves time and can be used to convert multiple files in one single go. In case of any help needed it also offers support that can be used for conversion without any difficulty. It comes with an easy to navigate screen where one can select the files that need to be converted and get the job done in a jiffy.

The application is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows NT/ Windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows 2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows Server 2008/7/8.

About MP4 to WMV converter

MP4 to WMV converter is a free software application designed to convert files from the mp4 format to the WMV format that can be played on the windows media player. Its compatibility with different operating systems and ease to use makes it a program suitable for anybody irrespective of their technological expertise. The quality of the converted files is extremely good. Conversion time taken is very less and the program itself uses very less disk space, thus making it a great tool for file conversion.

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by: Jacob Willam

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post a free press release