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Make Your Mobile Secure With Blackberry PGP At Blackberry Secure Com

Blackberry is a website run by group of Canadian people who are focusing on one thing, i.e. security of Blackberry mobile phones. Blackberry Secure ensures that they will make users know what is PGP and why should they go for it. They aim at securing mobile phones specially Blackberry in a way that only user and his recipient can read the messages. PGP secures the mobile messages by sending an advanced encryption.

They have clearly mentioned what PGP stands for at . PGP is Pretty Good Privacy is a method of encrypting messaging and securing them across networks, so that no one is able to see except the recipient. One can simply buy the Blackberry PGP package in the form of PGP devices or PGP service that one can use for his mobile phone. They have even explained PIN to PIN. It is a Blackberry to Blackberry messaging as every Blackberry has a PIN and through that pin one can send message to the other Blackberry. PGP comprise of PIN to PIN.

Their website comprise of different PGP packages for 3, 6 and 12 months. The prices they are charging for PGP/Email/ PIN to PIN is quite reasonable. The amount is not more than the security that you will obtain on your mobile phone. Moreover, they also have separate worldwide PIN to PIN service packages. They have even mentioned prices for these services for different mobile phones and their respective models. One can also read about the significance and uses of PGP through their blog.

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